4 Tips to Develop Your Client Base for SaaS Marketing

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Promoting a SaaS business online is a difficult task because most of your prospects research and purchase online, you may want to make sure a regular stream of focused traffic on your offer in case you want any chance to succeed.

SaaS Marketing

To stay ahead of the competition, SaaS companies require to optimize each part of their funnel. That is why we provide you to have a look at 4 tips to help you develop your client base for SaaS marketing beginning with an email hunter to discover their emails and step by step further on.

1. Offer beneficial content

In case you need any chance at succeeding in the aggressive SaaS world, you may want to use each method that could give you a side over your competitors.

Saas shoppers are one of the most state-of-the-art and knowledgeable audiences online, so your excellent bet of persuading them to pick your product is to offer beneficial and insightful information on the way to make the selection easier.

Content marketing is very effective. Prospects seeking out a particular solution are keen on finding content that informs them, guides them, and makes the selection less difficult. Create articles and videos that teach the readers and assist them to get solutions to their questions, guide them through each step in their buyer journey till they see your product as the only natural solution of their problem.

Provide top rate-fine content. Your content gets shared on social media and even different blogs so that you can come up with a brand new stream of targeted visitors and a big increase to the SEO efforts.

An unintentional advantage of getting high-quality content for your SaaS weblog is the effect it has on your website’s value. In case you have ever sold your internet site, the content could be an essential factor that grows its rate.

In case you are a startup, assign the project to a group member who specializes in the problem you’re solving. However, regardless of knowledge, it could be difficult to create attractive articles that people will want to read. Fortunately, there’s another alternative. By hiring remote employees, you could discover experts in your niche with big writing experience that allow you to carry the messages that you need to place out at an affordable price. Another option is to find a reliable copywriting service such as RightlyWritten.

2. Examine your competition

Saas Competition

Before you begin enforcing an online advertising and marketing approach to your SaaS company, you need to determine the market landscape and carefully examine the competition.

A brand new product needs to provide unique value to the customers. In any other case, the prospect won’t have any motive to switch to your product.

Understand what others are doing in terms of advertising and marketing so you can follow the great practices to your personal method and maximize your possibilities to be successful.

An excellent place to begin the competitor’s evaluation is their SEO strategy: examine the competitors’ keywords, recognize the client base, and all the unique segments of the target market.

Examine your competitors’ social media presence: the websites that they have a tendency to focus on can give you a better understanding of where your target audience hangs out.

Examine the market through the eyes of your client and notice in which the top SaaS organizations in your field are promoting themselves to get an idea of potential advertising and marketing avenues.

Gathering all this information about your competition may also appear like a daunting project that calls for plenty of manual labor but there are tools that will make the job simpler. Then, when the competition is analyzed in detail, create a buyer personality image, and use an email hunter to discover emails of leads.

3. Get more (positive) reviews

SaaS Marketing Reviews

Irrespective of how correct your sales pitch is, you’ll have a difficult time converting potentialities into customers in the event that they don’t agree with that you could supply on your promises. Ensure that you have plenty of happy customers who are inclined to guarantee the quality of your services.

Client reviews are more influential than paid advertisements, as the majority of surveyed clients said that they only work with companies that have a rating of 4 stars or higher.

But how do you get wonderful reviews, mainly in case you’re just getting started?

Set up a client-centric method in the whole thing you do. As quickly as you begin communicating with leads, you want to have a customer care representative ready to solve any troubles and help make your customer’s experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

By encouraging your most loyal clients to take a couple of minutes to review your service, you could find which you’ll in no way run short on positive reviews and they will generally drown out the few negative ones that, as with any carrier, will arise here and there.

In the end, in case you make your customers happy by offering excellent service, they will be more than happy to go back the favor by leaving you a glowing five-star review. It’s important to be persistent when seeking to get more product reviews.

What’s more, Google takes into consideration the number of reviews when ranking pages for keywords. So having reviews available to your website online, directory pages, and social media can provide a large boost for your organic traffic.

4. Survey your customers


Developing your customer base isn’t always an easy mission, mainly if you have to guess what your customers want. In place of looking to determine all out on your very own, start an email drip campaign to perform surveys on the customer to discover how you could make the experience better. This won’t simply help you enhance your relationship with current customers but also assist you to collect important information to draw new ones.

Regular customer surveys are an essential part of your online marketing method. In the end, in recent times it’s easier than ever to provide your customers with a handy way to share their opinion about your service. Your clients will respect your effort to enhance and would be glad to share their insights and experiences.

Ask questions on how happy your customers are together with your services, if they are satisfied with customer support, what they would like to improve if there are any urgent problems that they’re dealing with along with your product. Gaining these insights will help you with placing the new team’s goals.

Always be to the point in your surveys. You’re asking your customers to spend their valuable time answering your questions, so make sure the survey is brief and relevant. Do not add useless questions. Be precise about which customer metrics you require to get insights on and thoroughly plan the questions that will provide you with insightful solutions that you could actually use.


To enlarge the client base, you need time and effort. And that’s OK because the spent time will return in spades. Always:

  • Offer relevant content to your leads; they can find irrelevant on their own
  • Analyze the niche to be knowledgeable of the way to deal with leads
  • Do your best to receive lots of positive reviews
  • Conduct surveys to learn what your clients need


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