5 Benefits of House Planning with Software

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Most people tend to think of architecture design in its classic form: with blueprints that are manually sketched out. However, with the advancement of house planning software, it can be far easier to use this tech and save money, time and effort on an otherwise more complicated process.

When planning to build a house, it’s best to hire an architect with a solid foundation on architectural software so that the project can be scalable and efficient.

Below we break down five of the main benefits of house planning software:

1. Reducing cost

Manually sketched blueprints take a long time to draw out, while software can do this at a fraction of the time.

Additionally, the blueprints may require redesign or changes based on a variety of factors, ranging from client requirements to engineering issues. When working with software, these changes are easier to implement with a few clicks of a button, meaning that both the client and architect can save on expenses.

2. 3D visualization

A huge benefit of using house planning software is the ability to see the design in different formats. Aside from the usual blueprint design, you are also able to render the design to a 3D format to better visualize the architectural plan.

As this example from house planning software Arcadia-3darchitect.com shows, the 3D visualization has the added benefit of showing light sources and shadows which can impact the comfort-level of a home.


3. Saving and loading templates

An architect is able to easily and quickly store and load template designs for re-use. This can be a huge money-saver if an existing template is used, even if modifications are added based on client requirements.

As an added bonus, an architect can walk through the prior designs with the client to display his architectural aesthetic or find a suitable template together.

4. Compilation of lists

Architectural software builds lists for required materials at a touch of a button. Classically, these lists had to be written out manually and edited whenever changes occurred to the design.

With software, it’s incredibly easy to create lists with areas and cubature, roofing materials, carpentry lists and even export everything into XLS format to calculate costs.

5. Databases of materials

House planning software also includes access to various databases that simplify the creation of the project.

Architects will have access to thousands of materials, objects, inventory and even templates that can be added to the design. This can make the process easier, faster and more efficient, allowing both the architect and client to adapt the design to their liking.

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