Top Tips for Organising Your Laptop or Computer

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It can be so easy for your laptop or computer to becoming unorganised and messy, especially if you use it every day or use it for work. When your laptop or computer becomes unorganised it can become difficult to use and is a nightmare when it comes to looking for any files or documents that you need. If you are looking to organise your laptop or computer and want to get rid of all of the clutter and mess, then here are some top tips for organising your laptop or computer.

Organize your computer

Sort through your files

The first step that you should take when it comes to organising your laptop is to sort through all of your files and documents. This is a task that many of us put off doing but having excess files and documents on our laptops or computers is the main reason it can become cluttered and messy. To make this job a bit easier for yourself, you should start by getting rid of files that you know you have another copy of. Having a number of copies of the same document can easily make your desktop look messy and unorganised. Having duplicate copies of the same document on your desktop will also take up a lot of memory on your laptop or computer. Therefore, by deleting these extra copies of a file not only will you tidy up your documents, but you will also clear up a lot of space on your laptop or computer. When you are sorting through all files on your laptop or computer and accidentally get rid of a file that you should not have, there is no need to panic. Following the steps on will allow you to recover any files or documents that you may have accidently deleted.

Create folders

Now that you have sorted through your files and have deleted any of the excess documents that you may have had, the next step in organising your laptop or computer is to create folders. Creating a number of different folders and dividing up all of your documents into these folders is a great way to organise your desktop. You should start by creating main folders, for example one for your work, one for your personal documents and one for your photographs. Once you have created these large main folders, a great way to organise these folders to create smaller, sub folders within them. You can now separate all of your documents into these sub folders, which will make your life so much easier when it comes to looking for the files that you need. You could categorise these sub folders in a number of different ways, for example by date or by subject.

Delete your downloads

Another great tip when it comes to organising and cleaning up your laptop or computer is to delete your downloads. Most laptops or computers will have a downloads folder within all of the documents, no matter what computer software you use. It is very easy for this downloads folder to become overcrowded and messy with different PDFs and documents that you download from the internet. Therefore, taking the time to delete all of the unnecessary downloads from this folder will greatly help in making your laptop or computer more organised and easy to navigate through. 

Organise your desktop

Once you have sorted through all of your documents and have deleted any unnecessary or unwanted files, you can now focus on organising your desktop. Your desktop refers to the page that you can see when you first turn on your laptop or computer. In order to make your desktop look more organised and put together you should start by selecting a simple background image. Using a background with a busy print, or even using a photo of your family or friends, can be very distracting and can have an impact on your productivity. Therefore, you should choose a background image that is simple and minimalistic, especially if you use your computer or laptop for work. Once you have decided on a background image you can start to organise the files that are on your desktop. Just like your document and downloads folder, it can be very easy for your desktop to become full of unnecessary files and folders. So, you should take some time to get rid of these files and folders, making your desktop look even more tidy and organised.

Get rid of unused programmes

As well as getting rid of all of your unnecessary files and documents, in order to create a more organised laptop or computer you should also get rid of any programmes that you do not use anymore. Many programmes and apps can take up a lot of storage on your laptop pr computer and can make your desktop look cluttered and overcrowded. So, if you don’t use a programme or app anymore, it is now time for you to delete it. 

Clean your laptop or computer

Now that you have taken the time to sort through all of the files on your laptop or computer, organise your desktop and got rid of anything that you do not need anymore, you can now work on actually cleaning your laptop or computer. Cleaning your laptop or computer will involve wiping down the screen, dusting the keyboard and cleaning any other computer accessories that you may have. Laptops and computers can easily become grubby and dusty, especially if you use it every single day. Therefore, you should spend some time cleaning it every couple of days to help your laptop or computer looking fresh and like new.

As you can see there are a number of different things that you can do to clean up and organise your laptop or computer. So, if you are looking to get the most out of your laptop or computer make sure to follow these few simple steps and it will look as good as new in no time. 

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