How QR Codes are a Useful Tool for Business

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With the age of convenience crafted technology upon us in combination with the need to protect the environment, the use of QR codes is becoming more popular. These two-dimensional barcodes are a savior for streamlining industries and cutting down paper waste. 

Small businesses and large corporations alike are incorporating the use of QR codes into their companies for many purposes. You won’t go a day without seeing a QR code, so let’s take a deeper look at what they are and how you can use them in your business. 

How QR Codes Work

What Is a QR Code?

QR code stands for Quick Response code, and its primary function is just that; to release information stored through mainly URLs quickly to its scanner. An array of information can be stored on these matrix barcodes. The black and white squares make up the two-dimensional barcode, each unique to its purpose and encrypted data. 

How Can I Get a QR Code for My Business?

Creating your own QR code for sticky labels, business cards, and much more couldn’t be easier. 

Firstly, you need to choose a QR code generator on the internet; there are lots to choose from. Some you have to pay for, and others are free, so take some time to decide what you need, a one-off or a long-standing service. From here, you need to input the content and enter the data as instructed and choose any customizations. 

It’s the time to test the QR code to ensure it functions as you desire before distributing on your product. Many QR generator services also offer analytics so that you can track the performance of your QR codes. 

What Ways Can They Be Used to Improve Business?

QR codes can be used for a vast array of purposes, some more complex than others.


You will see QR codes being used for the distribution and delivery of online bought goods. These types of QR codes help track the order throughout handling and transit. Once the system is up and running, it makes for a seamless operation.


Another more sophisticated way QR codes are being used in 2020 is through e-wallets and cryptocurrency payments. By scanning a personal QR code from an eWallet, you can now pay for goods wirelessly at may stores. 

This has allowed customers to be able to use Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ripple as forms of payment too. By including a QR code scanner in your store, you can speed up transactions and have a tighter POS in place. 

There are other payment options involving QR codes you can incorporate into self-service stores such as equipment rentals and laundromats. This is done through installing QR code scanners alongside the typical money dispensary. have demonstrated how installing QR readers on all of the individual laundry machines, instead of your customers fumbling around for loose change, they can quickly and easily pay through the QR code on the app.

Advertising and Promotions 

You can use more simplistic QR codes by including them on your products to promote and advertise. Some may lead the scanner to useful recipes on food products, and others may give them discounts for future purchases. 

A favorite of the 21-century business owner is placing a QR code on business cards with the intention to encourage the reader to scan to find out more, linking them to their business website. This is another excellent marketing campaign strategy, and it shows the company as a whole is forward-thinking.

Real-time Updates

QR codes can also be useful tools for everyday life. Local councils are opting to include QR codes on bus stops and at train stations for up to date live travel tracking so commuters can stay in the know about scheduling changes and timetables. 

The Future of QR Codes

Although QR codes are a common sight, how many are actually used outside of corporate systems like delivery companies, it’s hard to say. Many people still find them confusing and a hassle if an extra app needs to be downloaded. Some companies think they are too ugly to brandish their products with and others don’t see the point in them because they offer very little information back in the wider world away from payments. 

It’s difficult to finger where the future of QR codes is going. They are undoubtedly a useful tool for businesses to promote, advertise, and distribute information. However, it’s getting the customer to scan the code, which is falling short, and because of this, they have stayed in the novel stage for some time. 

With modern smartphones having NFC chips built into them. NFC technology is serious competition to QR; they have taken convenience one step further with no need for additional downloading. The future of QR, therefore, seems to lay inside of business themselves. With the sole purpose of supporting them in streamlining, and distributing information to other employees and direct customers.

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