5 Ways iPhone App Development Can Make Your Brand Competitive

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The mobile app development industry has been booming ever since the introduction of smartphones. Earlier, mobile phones were used only for calling and messaging but today, we can see how it has become an integral part of user’s lives. Every user one way or the other is dependent on smartphones to make day-to-day transactions. However, these smartphones are useless without mobile apps in them. When the world was drooling over web apps, mobile apps were introduced, and it has never looked back since then.

iPhone app development

Users have a variety of options available with them to choose from. This goes the same in the case of mobile phones as well. They can choose Android, iOS, Windows platforms as per their preference. Mobile app development companies develop mobile apps based on the mobile operating system platforms. It is a well-known fact that app developed for Android cannot run on iOS devices. And that is why developers have to develop two sets of codes for different platforms.

Since the beginning, Android mobile phone has been the first preference of the users. Various reasons justify this like reasonable costing, easy availability, worldwide acknowledgement. However, the class of Apple is something that entices users more. Apple devices have been in demand due to their extravaganza features, built quality, performance, and usability. Businesses and app development companies have been focusing mostly on Android app development but now they are also interested in getting an iOS app developed.

Fact alert: There are almost 2.2 million apps available for download in the Apple App Store, with a 20% increase year over year.

Considering how important iOS apps are these days, it also brings out the competition with potential competitors. In the blog today, we are going to highlight 5 ways iPhone app development could elevate the presence of your business bringing in more success and face value.

1. Quality

As explicated in the introduction above, we highlighted how quality is of utmost importance in Apple devices. iOS app developers need to match the quality level of the app with that of the device. If the requirements are not met, the app is rejected and may not be configured in the Apple app store. Apple devices proudly boast about the quality of its device. The iOS app-built stands at par if compared with that of competitors because of its quality attribute. Also, dues to enriched quality features, the device comes a bit more expensive than the Android ones making it available to elite and targeted users only.

2. Brand Value

It’s a well-known fact that the Apple brand does not need any special introduction. Being more expensive than Android devices, the audience too expects more from iOS mobile apps. The best approach is to have an iOS app develop that itself speaks of the brand value. Apple gives the scope of developing an app that is feasible, robust, functional, edifying and stylish. The app alone can boost businesses’ reputation and face value considering it has an app configured on the Apple app store.

3. Customer Management

It automatically pulls customers’ interest when they realize that the app is configured on the Apple app store. It’s like gaining an edge over the competitors by expanding the horizon of growth and success. iOS apps define class, eligibility, and sophistication. These qualities alone drive the customers to accept that it is better than the competitors and would at least give the app a try. Apart from this, like Apple devices, iOS apps offer enhanced customer experience by providing a robust combination of hardware and software, all-inclusive customer support, support and maintenance throughout the app lifecycle. This is a win-win for both users and the business.

4. Security

If an app is great with all the features necessary but not security promise, there is no way it would last long in the market. It may never even get a chance to be available on the app stores. Security is the main concern these days and all iOS app development companies ensure that they develop the app considering safety and security of the app in mind. Apple is the brand that is, measures the security features of the app before even configuring it in the app store. Data privacy and user identity is a big concern for apple devices as they don’t want their users to face any challenges like malware, virus, data theft, phishing, etc. and affect the overall experience of the device.

5. Loyal Customers

You must have heard of the famous quote – “If it’s not an Apple, it’s not an Apple”. This quote is stated by many Apple users and define how loyal customers of Apple devices are! The users of apple have been very loyal to the brand and eagerly wait for new upgraded versions coming up in the market. This is great for businesses that want to cater to the audience of loyal customers. Also, it becomes easy for a business to gain access over Apple users as they would willingly use iOS apps without thinking twice. The competition is set aside, and a business can enjoy serving these many loyal audiences and building their empire.


With so much happening every day in the mobile app development industry, one cannot predict who would be the ruler and who looser. The users tend to stay with businesses that introduce innovative solutions that cater to their challenges. Both Android and Apple have their fair share of the market, Android is on the top and Apple second. But the loyalty, quality, robust app that Apple builds is something that is yet to be gained by Android app developers. To keep the competition at bay, it’s best for app development companies to target iOS device users resulting to aspire success, profit in the long run. More to this, the technologies in app development sector are appearing like never before and they are extremely efficient for the users. As the competition in the market is also rising, app development companies are now working hard to offer the most affordable solutions to the clients. And as the market is growing big it is of course, providing a great advantage to the users. Moreover, brands are getting competitive to be better than everyone else; and thus, the upcoming years are going to be great in terms of customer servicing.

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Siya Carla is Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which turns ideas into reality by providing unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive apps for more than 450 customers throughout the globe, we enjoy a great reputation as a customer-friendly mobile app development company in the market.

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