How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Used in Business

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Discover how artificial intelligence can make a difference in how business is run and conducted. The impact created by AI in various sectors of the industry is also analyzed in greater detail. Read this comprehensive article!

AI for Business
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) used to be science-fiction, and most movies made a killing out of this theme, which has fascinated humans for a long time. Building machines with demonstrated intelligence has had a growing influence since the formative years of the 1950s. Now, one can find Artificial Intelligence (AI)—to varying degrees—even in regular aspects of life, like shopping, planning, gaming, or smart home electronics. The impact of this industry is likely to be felt more in the next few years or decades. The future is bright mainly because businesses are ready to take advantage of this technology. Some of the key business functions that the artificial intelligence definition will impact are described below.


The success of a business depends on the ability to sell more products. This is one of the core areas of any business. Unsurprisingly, the impact of artificial intelligence is much higher in this segment. One can feel the difference created by the sales learning curve using artificial intelligence, which will forecast sales figures, make predictions about the needs of the customer, and enhance communication between the two pillars. All these factors would help professionals make better decisions when it comes to their sales teams. It also helps them identify the areas where they have to concentrate more and the kind of customers who will convert more.

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

The marketing strategies set out by artificial intelligence can be of immense assistance. Artificial intelligence for business solutions can identify and sort out the customers based on demographics or interest. They can be targeted through a specific set of ads using the power recommendation, browsing history, and other parameters. One can also engage the marketing team to increase conversion from the customer through chatbots, suggest certain products, solve specific problems, and provide after-sales support.

Research and Development

The R&D department can have a huge and meaningful impact on the business growth. It is one of the segments, which is crucial for almost every industry. Hence, it is not surprising that artificial intelligence’s impact on business research will open the possibilities for many discoveries. Since there is now an option to make many tasks automated, the findings will step into the world of offering better services and products. The activities in the R&D segment will be more effective and strategic in the future.

Human Resources

It could be one of the few business functions where artificial intelligence cannot make an impact. After all, this is a segment where ‘humans’ had to play a direct role. Yet, this is not the case with the role of artificial intelligence in business, even extending to human resources to save on money by improving efficiency. For example, companies have made better decisions based on data, screen more candidates, and ease the recruitment process.

IT Operations

The IT operations are an integral part of any business, as they are starting to play a more significant role with management functions and the ability to automate processes. The IT team will be able to identify issues much more efficiently using the AI platform. This will allow them to provide support and solve much more complex problems. The performance and services provided on the IT go for a significant improvement in the situation.

Better Customer Support

Importance of customer support is very crucial to enhance the relationship with the customer and improve sales. The company picks up data throughout a shopping spree, analyzed using artificial intelligence for various parameters like loyalty and interest in online shopping. The appeal of the shopper is understood using artificial intelligence to offer better support and service.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support
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Accounting and Finance

The importance of efficient operations cannot be stressed enough, and artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in achieving this workplace parameter. So far, the world of robotic automation has witnessed a lot of positive results. Now, human finance professionals are being taken out of their repetitive tasks to focus more on productive jobs. The use of technology is also better accounting due to the reduced number of errors.


Data analytics is crucial in the world of manufacturing, as it will determine the success of the process, which can be extended from the supply chain to store shelves. The artificial intelligence business solutions will be able to anticipate demand, so that production can be increased or decreased. The sensors on machines will also be used to predict the need for maintenance. This will decrease costs associated with any costly repairs.

Maintenance of Infrastructure

The strength of infrastructure will go a long way into determining the comfort, safety, and other parameters. The artificial intelligence technologies in business have ensured that infrastructure like buildings is kept in the optimal shape to enhance productivity. For example, automation is used to manage the building’s temperature, sensors to monitor activity, and monitor energy consumption. Based on the data collected, the automation will make changes to the various parameters to increase efficiency.

Contact Centers

One of the critical areas in business would be the contact centers responsible for picking up a lot of data. The data can be about various parameters, but it is most helpful in making predictions about customer intent and the customer’s possible moves. This data can be analyzed through artificial intelligence in business to identify customer trends and products.

These applications of artificial intelligence in business are just the tip of the iceberg. One will be able to see soon that AI plays a role in almost every walk of life. One just happens to hope for the best that the tech does not get smarter than humans!

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