Top 7 A/B Tests to Improve Conversion Rates for your Business

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A/B testing technique is one of the most useful testing techniques that help in improving the conversion rates of your website. It is also popularly known as Split testing. For example if you have two probable headlines for your page or site and you are in dilemma of which one to keep then you can use this split A/B test to identify the best version of headline, that works for you. In this testing 2 alternative versions of the page is created that is Page A and Page B with different headlines. And then these pages – page A and page B are served each to the 50% of the incoming traffic page.

A/B Testing

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Now let us have a look on few of the A/B tests that would help you improve your conversion rates and would allow the business to grow.

  1. Free trial should be more than buy now – Customers believe in the policy of “FIRST USE AND THEN TRUST”. So make the fact sure that you have a free trial option popping up in your webpage so that the customers are attracted more towards the product.
  1. No credit card option for Free Trial – There are credit card options for free trial. Customers think that it is too much of pain to give credit card procedures just to try a product under the “free trial” policy. Therefore if this credit card option is eliminated then there should increase in the conversion rates also.
    1. Symbols should be trusted – the symbol should be trustable and should give a proper hint to the services that you render. The risk is very limited and very rare in this case.
      1. Add live chat option – There are many customers who buy your products but on the contrary there are also numerous who don’t. In order to find out their complaints and queries you definitely should keep an active live chat option. Because unless and until you talk to them, you won’t be able to communicate and that might decrease your conversion rates.

      1. You should help people – This is the difference between a pure businessman and a true businessman. A pure businessman will only focus on selling his things come what may but a true businessman helps his customers to know the difference between the right and the wrong products.
      1. Reducing fields – The lesser amount of fields you have the more space you have and you get more leads.
      1. Placements of Call-to-action buttons – Make sure that the placements of your call-to action button are accurate as this plays a very important role in offline business.

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