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Contributors Guideline:

  1. Your post must be greater than 900 words. I am looking for ONLY long, insightful and practical posts packed with proofs (references of high authority website e.g. Wiki, .edu, .org, etc) and examples which is also from high authority website.
  2. The post should be in this website’s respective niches. I want to cover Technology & Cyber World, Gadget & Software, Application, Social Media & SEO and some other topics that go in the same line.
  3. The post should have an interesting, small, fancy and eye-catching title that promises to stand out.
  4. The topic should new and sound to be must read; not rehashed. Refer buzzsumo.com for most popular & high searches topics.
  5. The post should be formatted in medium paragraphs (no more than 3-4 lines in a paragraph) and broken under heading & sub-headings (H2 and H3 tags) etc.
  6. The post should be unique and never published. While writing, you should keep in mind that you will never republish it anywhere else.
  7. The post should contain a lot of relevant images, insights or screenshot that contributes to the topic. However, you should ensure first they are not gonna be the subject to copyright.
  8. There is no restriction with the links in the content unless they are self-promotion, affiliate, commercial, products or unnatural.
  9. You should add a short & brief bio containing your name, your profession, your website/brand/blog and any social media profile (max 2 links are allowed in the bio, one to your website (no keyword!) and another to your any social media profile/email).
  10. If your post gets published, you are requested to share the post with your audience, social profiles and respond to the comments it will get.
  11. You’ll be notified via email in case your post will be approved by the moderator and live.

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