Top 5 Stylish Phone Cases to Buy in 2018

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There are two factors to consider when shopping for a phone case. Style and function. There’s good news, you can have both. While some people want a case that will magically protect their phone from every potential calamity, the rest of us have a more calm approach. Sure, you want a case that will protect your phone from dents and dings if you should accidentally drop it. You search the web for the perfect screen cover to ensure the screen doesn’t smash into a hundred splinters. However, for the most part, we all just want a case that fits our overall style and doesn’t make your phone too bulky. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the most stylish phone cases you can buy this year.

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  1. Penny Shaky Phone Case
    The beauty of this case is that it injects a bit of sparkle into your everyday life. Give it a little shake… and the magic happens, with gold coloured glitter floating around in the liquid case. It has a cute design, too. So, the beauty is two-fold. It also helps that the copper colour is kind of a neutral colour, which means you don’t need to worry about it clashing with any of your outfits or your handbag. It will easily fit into your overall aesthetic. If copper doesn’t float your boat, the same case is available in blush pink and silver.
  2. Confetti Shaky Phone Case
    Give your phone a little shake and watch the adorable drops of confetti swirl about. It’s much like the penny shaky phone case, but without the added design and including added glittery fun. The confetti itself is multi-coloured in a variety of pale pastel colours. It’s available in silver glitter or gold glitter, so you can choose whichever one works best for your style. Or, you can get both and switch them out as needed.
  3. Lea Floral Shaky Phone Case
    If you are into ornate floral patterns then the Lea Floral Shaky Phone Case is probably for you. It’s only available in pink glitter, but still, it’s a slick design. The case features a stunning floral design and just beneath it lies the liquid glitter swimming around to increase the vibrancy of the image. It’s the ultimate in stylish phone cases.
  4. Getta Grip
    Are you selfie crazy? Do you take your phone places it does not belong? Then the Getta Grip phone cover is the perfect solution for you. Just at the back, there is a little bit of elastic that lets you slip your fingers in to provide you with added security. That means you don’t need to worry about dropping your phone in the toilet bowl. You can lounge on the couch or your bed with your phone in the air and you don’t need to worry about breaking your nose by dropping your phone on your face. Amazing! It also means less risk of dropping your phone on the move. Luckily, the screen has some good protection with this case, too, which means added protection if you do somehow lose your grip. It’s also available in a wide range of colours, so you will definitely find one that works for you.
  5. LifeProof Phone Case
    Are you a walking calamity? Then you may want to invest in a serious phone case like the LifeProof branded option. It will pretty much withstand anything you can throw at it, from a big fall (around two metres), a dip in the toilet (or the ocean, up to two metres) or well, whatever you can throw at it. That includes snow, dust, and that’s probably why it’s won so many awards. Of course, they aren’t cheap, you can expect to pay a couple hundred bucks for one, no matter what type of phone you have. It’s definitely cheaper than buying a new phone, though. There are a ton of accessories available; too, which means you can capture some of your crazy antics, whether it’s on water, snow or just taking selfies at the beach.

So, you see, it is possible to get a phone case that offers both style and function. You just have to look for what you want! Of course, you can get some added protection by investing in mobile phone insurance. Sure, it isn’t glamorous, but it’s handy when your phone does meet an untimely demise. Plus, you can have a bit of peace of mind knowing that in the event of a phone case failure, you aren’t going to have to fork out a fortune for a brand new phone.

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