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Being part of social media can no longer be avoided and less for online businesses and brands. How to interact in social media is not the same as the way we do personally. We know that companies can increase their followers or lose depending on how they respond to questions and criticisms in the most of social media.

Social media time

The following ten tips will help companies to use specific guidelines for successful communication. We invite you to discuss their successful or less successful ways of communication in social media.

Comment 10 Tips for Social Media

1) Use Common Sense

Before commenting, or sharing an opinion takes a minute and think. If you have any doubt, do not do – for management and seeks advice or other person.

2) Be Transparent

If you’re going to comment on the Facebook wall of someone else, sending a Tweet on Twitter or writing a posting on a blog, use your real name. Log in as an employee if the above involve the company name.

3) Be Respectful

Although there will be times when you will be in disagreement with the opinions of others stay respectful and polite.

4) Wait Your Turn

Do not assume the role of official spokesman and wait your turn to give your opinion. If you are the official spokesperson is anyway to let the conversation flow.

5) Know Your Community

Always listen before interceding. Consider how are you contributing to the community and adds value to the conversation.

6) Apply Copyright

Never use images, text or other content you find on the web unless you have permission or the site explains that you can use the content and in what conditions.

7) Respect sensitive content

Be smart about how to protect yourself, your privacy and Company – Be selective when you publish personal details.

8) Be a brand awareness

Select a profile picture and a name that represents you well, who you are and other issues for which you want to connect. If you speak on behalf of the company, using logos, links and pictures of her at all times.

9) First is Human

If you are participating in a forum or posting information about the company, do not use it just to sell products or services until you are sure it is needed and appropriate.

10) Keep the Focus

Always have a business objective to participate in social media and identifies what success means. Security you your goal is one that will benefit both your company and the communities in which you participate.


Commenting is the lifeblood of online conversations and may be carried out anywhere, from blogs, forums, sites as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. Having clear as it is very important to have successful conversations that are positive for the company. If you’re not the only one who says social media company passes these guidelines so that everyone is aligned with respect to the comments.

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