Why You Shouldn’t Ignore these Google Updates?

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Are your business totally depend on the web search? or partially then you are in the right place, here we’ll discuss how Google changes affect our business or online presence.

With the help of SEO (aka – search engine optimisation) webmasters helps us to make our website search engine friendly along with the increase in online presence & branding which intent to get business online, hence, having proper knowledge of Google Algorithms is very important for SEO. Without knowing the Google Algorithms, we cannot correctly rank our website.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google keeps updating its algorithms so that it can provide the best results to its users. Google almost daily updates its algorithms, and sometimes multiple times a day.

Some of the Google updates are small, which are hard to catch while some of them are so large that the shake they whole search engine rankings.

Recent Google Algorithm Updates

Recently, there was a lot of buzz about the recent massive Google Algorithm Update. This was a core update of the Google Algorithm after the Medic update which was for the Health industries information websites. A large number of websites were affected due to this update.

Google has also updated to their SEO community that there is some bug in their indexing and catching process along with Google webmaster data which was not working properly in the month of April – May 2019, later it was fixed, due to this the recent changes and content were not indexed and cached which doesn’t pass the value.

Google Webmaster tweet

NY times Disappear from Google

So many websites got affected due to this bug, even some of the huge websites of the world like The New York Times and Daily Mail got totally disappeared from the Google search. After that, Google slowly optimized its update, then some of the websites to show up again.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Common Updates You Must Know:

Google Panda – Google Panda was one of the most significant updates of all time. After the update, a lot of websites lost their rankings and traffic while a lot of them gained rankings and traffic. Google Panda took action against thin, harmful, and low-quality content. It also affected websites who had spun articles and websites who had duplicate content.

This update caused all the websites with low-quality content or articles vanished from the search engine rankings. Google Panda had ranked the websites who had good quality and unique content.

Google Penguin – When Google Penguin was launched, a lot of sites lost their ranking from the search engine. Google Penguin is known as one of the best Algorithm Updates of Google because this update stopped the false methods which were used to rank any content.

This update removed those websites from the search rankings who used to buy links or had bad quality or irrelevant to niche backlinks. It also hit the rankings of the site who used keyword stuffing method to dominate the search engine rankings.

Google Pigeon – Google Pigeon Algorithm Update was not for everyone, and it was basically for those who had websites for their business. Before the update, Google did not have any algorithm to favour local business.

But after Google Pigeon came, all the local business website got an advantage. Google Pigeon actually favours showing local business before showing the business giant of that niche far away.

For example, if someone in New York searched for “Order Pizza Online,” then Google will show the nearest places where one can order the pizza from rather than showing the address of the headquarters of the biggest pizza company in the world.

Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update (Mobilegeddon) – As we all know, mobile users are increasing like fire in the forest. Approximately 63% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. This is why Google decided to favour websites which are fully mobile responsive.

So make sure that your website is also Mobile Responsive, because without that feature ranking on Google is nearly impossible. And as you know, Google favours a lot to the sites which are mobile friendly. So it will help you rank easily.

Why you should not ignore these updates?

Every single update of the Google algorithm bring some changes on the search engine rankings. The smaller updates which make negligible changes on the search engine rankings are not much important.

But you should keep an eye on the more prominent updates like Google Panda, Penguin Hummingbird, pigeon, etc. This is because every update makes some changes on the search engine rankings based on some essential things.

If it is a massive update, then the causes of the update can be known. Based on those aspects, you can do optimization on your website so that your site correctly ranks on the search engine rankings.

Wrapping it up

If you are a website owner, then SEO should be the most essential aspect. And for proper SEO, it is crucial to be up to date with the daily updates and changes being made in this new era. It will give a lot of boost to your website because you are using the latest techniques.

Try sticking with Google Algorithm Updates regularly, and it will help you a lot in know how SEO works. SEO Experts generally, study Search Algorithms, which helps them know what is the future of SEO, etc.

I hope this article would have helped you a lot, try sharing it with your friends and colleagues too. Don’t Forget, “Sharing is Caring.”

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