The Top 5 Technology Trends of Upcoming 2019

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More than ever before, the world of tech is drawing a huge amount of investment from a diverse range of industries. As our world becomes more connected, the importance of up-to-date, innovative technology is becoming more and more crucial to successful businesses. 2018 has already seen a great degree of advancement across a number of fields, and many of these trends promise to continue well into the following year. We’re going to look at some of the biggest potential tech trends of 2019, and the changes they are set to the world around us.

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Data Analytics Lets You Understand the Wealth of Data Out There

Data analytics is already well understood throughout the marketing industry. Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet in today’s world, there is more data to hand than ever before. However, it’s only now that people are starting to put together the tools necessary to make the most of this information. Previously, even with the most powerful and effective tools, there’s been no efficient way to analyze the huge amounts of data on offer. Once the lengthy process has been completed, much of the information analyzed is already defunct due to the passage of time. That’s why we can expect to see more, and more effective, tools for data analysis in the coming year. As already mentioned, this has already become one of the go-to marketing tools for improving the effectiveness of businesses. Given the huge amount of information passing through any single company, even just in terms of flow through a site and buyer information, there are plenty of opportunities to pinpoint strong and weak spots and act accordingly. Data visualization has been on a constant uptrend in recent years, so now there are tools that even allow you to transform raw data into maps. 2019 promises to provide companies with yet more tools to understand their customers and adapt their products and services accordingly.

AI Is Finally Becoming a Reality

A major aspect of data analytics these days depends on artificial intelligence. Finally, after floating around as a concept for years, AI is becoming a reality. It is starting to find real workable applications in just about any industry you can think of. In terms of realizing the dreams of the past, we can look to Japan and its enormous aging population. Japan has one of the largest populations of senior citizens in the world and has been forced to find innovative new ways to care for them. AI has played a major role in changing the aged care industry, and providing older people with the care they need. Today, a number of innovations mean that AI systems, covering everything from medication administration to actual physical care, are being more and more taken up in Japan and elsewhere. With many of the trends already apparent in Japan starting to become evident in other parts of the world, AI aged care is set to become more and more prevalent. And AI has found itself applications in a huge number of other industries.

Drones Are Already Finding Valuable Applications

Drones initially started out as an exclusively military tool. The American military put in a lot of the legwork to developing the technology needed to make drones a versatile and important part of their operations. But as the technology became more and more affordable, it was taken up by a wide number of industries, as well as private individuals. Advancements in AI mean that today, many companies can make the most out of drone technology to meet their specific needs. Disaster relief is one area that has found drones to be incredibly useful, allowing workers on the ground to quickly assess a situation without having to spend a huge amount of money on helicopter flyovers and similar solutions. Similarly, police and ambulance services are able to use the drone to analyze a situation without risking their own lives. And Amazon, one of the first companies to adopt drone technology, are already testing out drones for delivery services. The two key aspects of the future of drone technology are sensory and AI. With more effective sensory analysis, drones will be able to quickly assess their surroundings and move accordingly. And as AI technology gets better and better, the ability for drones to use their data to decide how to carry out tasks will become more and more impressive. Drones promise to be a major step forward in 2019.

Robotics Are Being Adopted by a Wide Range of Industries

As evidenced by the Japanese healthcare industry, robotics is set to be a major investment opportunity in the coming years. Robotics have shown great promise in terms of caring for the elderly and disabled, and are able to take a huge amount of stress off of already stressed healthcare workers. It seems likely that robotics is going to find more and more applications in the near future. In potentially dangerous industries such as mining or construction, improvements in robotics mean that projects can be carried out effectively without any risk to human life. Combined with the development of the internet of things, and more and more automation within homes and businesses, the robotics industries seems potentially set to start delivering on the promises of the past.

VR Is Expanding out of the Gaming Industry

Virtual reality is another recent development that various innovators have been working on for years. The earliest attempts stretch back at least a few decades, but it’s only now that the technology is becoming a real working options. For many people, virtual reality has first made itself felt in various recreational applications. For instance, many companies within the gaming industry are putting more and more time and effort into creating effective VR platforms, combined with games that can make the most of them. However, VR is starting to find use in a wide range of different industries. Within the medicine industry, VR has the potential to give surgeons a close-up view of areas that would otherwise be out of reach, or prohibitively difficult to access. And in other potentially dangerous industries such as mining or construction, VR can give operators a first-person view of a site or area that would be inaccessible.


Recent years have seen the world of tech take some genuinely impressive leaps forward. Technologies such as VR and AI, which have long been promised by various companies and investors, are finally becoming a reality. And it seems like we are very much just at the beginning of some truly exciting trends. The above are just a few of the most innovative areas that we can expect to see some great developments in over the coming year.

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