The Technological Improvements Cars Have Seen in the Past 10 Years

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As 2019 comes to a close, everyone looks back on the decade to remember how much has changed. People post Decade Challenge photos of themselves and talk about how they’ve grown. The same challenge can also apply to cars.

Technological Improvements Cars

Auto companies reveal new models each year to keep the car industry moving forward. Consumers look forward to new advancements, especially when new models come with updated tech.

Check out these technological improvements cars have seen in the past ten years. Technology and cars have changed at nearly the same speed over time, so there are many improvements people take for granted. Once you realize what wasn’t possible ten years ago, you’ll look at your car differently the next time you take it for a spin.

1. Rear-Mounted Radar

Backing out of a parking space or driveway has always been a bit of a challenge for drivers. You have to know what’s behind you at all times while looking left and right for oncoming traffic. It’s easy for drivers to miss something at the last second, which is why rear-mounted radar has been a great technological improvement.

It uses cameras on the back of cars to sense when an object is close to you as you back up. It judges the distance between you and the object and beeps when you’re too close. Most vehicles use this radar now as an extra step to keeping drivers safe. 

2. Automatic High Beams

High beams aren’t new on their own. Drivers have had them for decades, but it’s easy to forget to use them. Automatic high beams are a new tech feature that turns on high beams when the car detects optimal environmental conditions. Studies show that drivers feel 70 percent safer with them, which is why so many car brands are using them in new models.

3. Brand-Exclusive Apps

Since most brands embrace tech updates, there has to be something to set each brand apart. Auto companies now make brand-exclusive apps to keep drivers up to date. The apps connect with the car you own to let you know when your tire pressure is low, if your vehicle was left unlocked and when the traffic lights will change. It’s easy access to information like this that helps drivers stay safer on and off the road.

4. Satellite Radio and TV Channels

You can still spot cars with long radio antennas when you drive around town, but most new cars now come with satellite radio. They connect with more channels than traditional radio and also offer TV channel stations so you can listen to your favorite programs. It’s a nice feature to get when you upgrade your car.

5. Parental Safety Controls

Parents of young teen drivers know the feeling of watching your kid drive off with their license for the first time. It’s nerve-wracking, but tech can help. New parental safety controls developed in the last decade send parents report cards that show how their kid drives, like how often they tailgate or speed. 

Check Your Favorite Brand

The last decade has led to great improvements in auto technology. Check your favorite brand today to see what they offer that could transform your driving experience.

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