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Have you ever thought of binding your life with IT but you’re not sure what profession to choose to make the best of it? Then this article is for you since there are the five hottest IT specialties at the job market today!

IT professions have gained popularity rapidly over the last few years due to the digitization of commerce and businesses which have introduced a vast range of opportunities for young specialists. Only in New Zealand, the average salary rate of IT employees has burst from $71,000 to $80,000 in just a couple of months. Notwithstanding, it can be hard to make a decision about what really to do when there are so many open doors. Thus, here are some tips and insights.

Hottest IT Job

UX Researcher:

 What do they do?

UX Researchers perform various functions of gathering information about customers, their preferences, and needs. Their work involves:

  • analysis of the market to determine its attractiveness and up-to-date requirements;
  • strategy and planning to find the best approach to customers;
  • design, which enables them to work and maintain websites, smartphone and computer applications, and various digital platforms.

They are always needed for the initial development stages of any project. UX Researches are required to use different techniques and approaches to deal with quality and quantity content, interviews, analysis of customer’s personal data, or test a website’s architecture and usability. It’s all done to research a customer’s preferences on a specific product and how to satisfy their needs.

What about skills?

This field is aimed at people who can think analytically and are good at solution-making and for those who are ready to dig deep into details. Working with a website and building up its architecture and structure is also a part of the job. However, doubtlessly, alongside with analysis and research, it involves creativity and thinking out of the box, which facilitates finding the right approach to a customer.

DevOps Engineer:

What do they do?

DevOps Engineering branch is a technical specialty dealing with operations and software development. They have a deep understanding of both traditional computer languages (Java, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML) and technologies with open access (OSS).

What about skills?

First of all, they assess useful platforms and Internet resources based on which they provide a set of recommendations which are to improve the functioning of their product websites and applications. It is done by analyzing the pain points of such platforms and finding solutions to improve their performance.

DevOps Engineers are involved in both developing software most technically and developing testing approaches and apps to evaluate such, in order to eliminate flaws and make their product most competitive.

They are asked about dealing with multiple tasks at the same time and are expected to provide the most accurate and timely results. According to surveys, companies that engage DevOps in projects perform up to 50% better than those who don’t.

Software Developer (SD)

What do they do?

Software Developer (SD) is one of the most popular definition of an IT specialist. People involved in this branch are to work with the development of software, online platforms, and Internet resources, i.e., websites.

There cannot be an SD without the knowledge of computer languages like C++, Visual Basic, Linux, NET, and Java. They are the core and director of design, security maintenance, lags and malfunctions fixing and other unseen but essential for any computer or Internet platform processes.

 What about skills?

It might be hard to believe, but a good software developer should have a set of proper communicative and interpersonal skills. Since one of the most crucial aspects of the job is teamwork and cooperation with user experience researchers, designers, and experts on analysis.

Moreover, there is a little of supervision and a lot of individual work which require patience and perseverance from a candidate. This also demands an unquenchable will to be curious and always ‘upgrade’ competences. It’s no wonder that software developers always take a top spot in computer specialists’ rankings.

Product Owner (PO)

What do they do?

This specialty is the ‘aristocracy’ of management in communication. Usually, they provide a vision or expectations on what qualities a product should have and elucidate it in the clearest way. One of their duties also includes approval or disapproval of the product and monitoring its progress throughout its way to a customer.

Though POs don’t deal with technical aspects of their business, they should always be well aware of a technical team’s terminology and concepts. In addition to this, they are to have vast up-to-date knowledge of the modern market and commercial trends. This helps them build a product backlog and implement required changes.

What about skills?

Product owners should have enhanced communicative and leadership skills and be able to balance professional and casual language, to bring the understanding of a complex concept to colleagues.

Their commitment to creating and maintaining the finest of products is a must-have quality especially when it comes to Agile Software Development, which demands flexibility, mobility, and quality.

Systems Engineer (SE)

What do they do?

Systems Engineers are the ones who lay the cornerstone of any computer, i.e., operational systems and layout software for computers. Subsequently, the engineers maintain created software by testing and inspecting possible malfunctions.

Alongside coding programs and supervising their operation, SE specialists elaborate codes against potential harmful entities, viruses, and cyber attacks.

What about skills?

Logical perception and critical thinking are the main requirements of a job like this. Therefore, candidates usually have vast knowledge in the fields of exact sciences, sociology, and technical specialties; equally important is experience in electronics, software building, and computer architecture.

Also, one should have good teamwork skills and be ready for quick problem-solving and solution-finding.

These are the top five hottest IT jobs at the market. So make sure you create a great resume and send it ASAP…good luck!

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