Steps to Secure Your WordPress Blog

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To Make your WordPress blog more secure from hackers is not much difficult and by doing just a few things that can help you to protect your WordPress blog from hackers and spam registrations.

 1. Lessen Spam registrations from your blog: Anyone can register for your blog from going to but this depends on the settings of your WordPress blog.

If you have set your blog setting, than anyone can register, but you must be sure that you have the settings so that anyone who registers can register as a “user” only. At this level, anyone who has an access to do is edit their profile.


To check the user setting, follow these steps:

Settings->general and check for the memberships settings and make sure that you have set it in the way you want it. Membership: anyone can register and new user default role: subscribers are both the typical setting.

Why people should register only as the subscriber?

Most of the websites allow the users to register as a subscriber only. But some people want to register themselves as a user as they don’t want to miss any important content and they can add the comment.

But at the same time, there are spammers that will try to register as a user for your blog and there are scripts that these spammers use to get access to your blogs not as users but something that can give them more access like editor or author. This will give them the access to post any spam content to your blog.

You can use a great plug-in named as is CAPTCHA for WordPress, to reduce the amount of spam registrations on your blog. These plug-in ads CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress forms for registration, lost password, comments, login. In order to register or post comments, users will have to type the code shown on the image.

  2. Keep your WordPress version and plugins up to date: Another important step to make your WordPress blog more secure is to keep it updated. If you do not log in to your blog often, then there are chances that you are going to have several plug-in and even the updated versions of WordPress that you will have to make. It is must that you should login to your blog regularly to be sure that everything is up to date.

 WordPress Solution

  3. Do not use Admin as your WordPress blogs username: The most important thing you should do to make your WordPress blog more secure is to never use “Admin” as your username. If you do so then yourself open the doors to hackers. However if you have done this, then fix it now even if you have posted several articles. Rename your user name from “Admin” to something more secure.


Summary: It is important to make your WordPress blog more secure and it can be done by aforesaid ways and hence you can use your WordPress blog safely.  

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