Icons Are An Essential Component In Web Designing and Can Improve Your Website

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Icons play an important role in web design. If you want a top quality icon for your website you can contact a company which offers design services. When you design an icon for a web page the first step is to design keywords for the icon. It is important to analyze and find the right metaphor which can be used to represent the icon. You can also make use of shapes and symbols for the icon. After sketching the rough idea you will have to create an effective design. It is important to create a design which has an effective visual style.


Incorporating icons in web design

You can easily get your job done by including icons in web design. The set of icons which you choose for your website should be visually integrated in the website and must be relevant to the images on the web page. The icons should fit into the design of the website. An icon is more than an eye candy. It should have a purpose and must have conceptual clarity. It is important that it should convey the right concept. The icons which you include in web design should catch the interest of the visitors.

Relevance of icons

With the help of icons you can improve your web design. Understanding and interpreting information is easier with the help of icons. The icons can be used to support content and must be effectively incorporated in web design. In an impressive website you can make use of icons to put content in a nutshell. You can make use of icons to draw attention of the potential clients and increase readability of the website. You can easily some up the content in icons. The right approach to including icons is to choose metaphors which are relevant. It is important to integrate icons in web design for all these reasons.

The proximity principle

In a website related items should be grouped visually. This reduces clutter and adds a more organized look. Items which are not related should be placed apart. You can place cart-icons close to prices or products. Potential customers will perceive it as a unit. According to this proximity principle it is important that your icon have a consistent margin and size. In comparison to bullets icons can be recognized and noticed more easily. Icons play a crucial role in web designing irrespective of their small size. It is important to keep the proximity principle in mind when you place icons on your website.

Important communication tool

Make sure that you add meaningful and relevant icons when you design your website. The icons which you add should be both conceptually and visually active. If you plan to include a group of icons in the web design they should have cohesion. It is important to incorporate the sense of unity. You can choose to display the icons at an angle or with a 3-D effect. The icons which you use should harmonize with the design which you choose for the website.

Enhancing a site

With the help of icons you can enhance the aesthetics of the site and direct the attention of the visitors. The icons which you use for the site should be consistent with the concepts which you want to communicate. It is important that the icons which you include should be easy to understand. With the help of infographic design you can create impressive icons. Icons have become an important communication tool in web design. With recent developments iconography is being widely used in web design.

Author Bio: Harry Thomas feels that blogs on technology are the best way to know more about web design. He believes that use of icons is an important communication tool which can improve a website.


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  1. sujain September 12, 2014 at 5:56 pm -

    Great Read!
    Icons are a major component of today’s flat design trend. A new trend among icons is the hollow icon- the outline of a shape. An alternative to solid icons, hollow icons are aesthetically lighter and more subtle.
    Hollow icons are popping up everywhere, and not just on web design nyc sitess. But using hollow icons is another trend that should be approached carefully.
    Some designers argue that solid icons are still best practice. A software designer believes that solid icons are easier for the brain to process, and that hollow icons create more work for the viewer.
    Thank you.

  2. jennyrichards September 12, 2014 at 1:53 pm -

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