Top Tools to Spice Up Your Business Presentation

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You have a presentation and you don’t want to mess it up like a granny messes up a young boy’s hair. To do this you are going to have to plan and rehearse your presentation. If you also need visual aids and such to help you, then using one or more of the tools on this list is going to be a big help. If you want to optimize your time, then you should plan and create your presentation whilst also using these tools. It is metaphorically the same as testing/reviewing new baking tins whilst cooking for the family.

Tools for business


This is an interactive timeline. It is similar to other tools listed on this website, but what makes it worthy of a mention is the fact that it is almost completely free. In other words, you get all the features with the free version instead of a limited amount. The price for this however, is that the free version will only allow you to create one times. Still, you can add and change a lot of things and you can do it during your presentation. It also allows you to add videos from social media networks.

The trouble with this is that some people use it to destroy focus without knowing it. If you are going to add in videos then have it for something such as your company advert and not as an addendum to your presentation. If you do add it as a longer addendum, then the people watching will be crossing their fingers as you move down your timeline as they hope no other videos are present.


You can publish things on a timeline. The timeline helps to give your more recent posts a little more prominence with regards to historical events. It is handy for your business because you can make very up-to-date posts about the course of your product development, whilst also making more timeless posts that will last longer, such as how your business came into existence.

You can use both images and text and you can embed your timeline into your own website too for a bit of a publishing and content spreading bonus. You can use the timeline for your business presentation in order to show coming events as oppose to just past ones. You can show people your plans via an easy to understand, and easy on the eyes, timeline.


This is web-based timeline software that you can use within a presentation if you want things to be a little more interactive. If you wish, you can add to the timeline and reform it whilst you are doing your presentation. The only down side is the fact that the limited account is the free account. For example, if you want more than three timelines then they are going to make you pay to use the service. You could try it out once and see if the presentation goes well.

Haiku Deck

This tool will help you create visually pleasing designs for your presentation, whilst also helping you stay away from the whole “too much of a good thing” area. A person that has too much enthusiasm for this sort of thing may add in too much design or color and end up making a messy presentation that looks okay but that does not get the intended point across. This tool will help you avoid that little mess. It helps you create your presentation, but does not give you a bunch of white sheets in the way that PowerPoint does.

Anybody that has ever worked in an office with a boss that likes PowerPoint presentations will know that they are horrible to watch repeatedly. The worst thing is when they look like a schoolchild made them, and it is really easy to get that shabby-poorly-put-together look going with PowerPoint. But, with the Haiku Deck, it is more difficult to create a poor quality design.


This is an easy to use timeline creator that is going to allow you to create visually pleasing timelines. The benefit of this tool comes more from how easy they have made it to share your posts. It is not really something you may use directly in your presentation, though you could do worse, it is more something that you share around the room on their laptops or something you embed in your website so that the other members can take a look at it.

This tool is great because it allows you to share your creations through social media and other contact based platforms, plus you can add links, social media widget, locations, video, timestamps, images, text and audio, and you can do it all for free.

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