Top Things to Do With Your New Android Tablet

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So you’ve just bought yourself a shiny new Android tablet? You’re probably now spending a lot of time just staring at it and smiling, and reading websites that you never normally would even look at just so that you can enjoy the shiny high definition of the screen. This is something that you’re likely to get a lot of use out of and a lot of enjoyment in the future, but right now you might be struggling over what exactly to do with it and how to make the most of it. Here then we’ll look at a few ways you can start enjoying your tablet right out of the box, and some tweaks and downloads that you should look at early on so that you can make the most of your new device and to customize it and get more use out of it…

New Android Tablet

Set the Background

With any new device the first thing you should do is to set the background to something that you like and something that is more ‘you’. Until you do this it’s not really your device and it could be anyone’s or a display copy for that matter.

Set Up Your E-Mail

If you haven’t already, then put in your Google account to sync your e-mail and your Chrome.

Search for Updates

Searching for updates is something you should do early on to make sure that you have the latest software on your tablet. You should be able to get some upgrades to individual apps like the browser, and if you’re really lucky you may even be able to upgrade your version of Android.

Choose a Keyboard

Like the iPad, your Android will come with a keyboard pre-installed. Unlike the iPad however, you still have an option to change the keyboard and install a third party one that’s more to your liking. This can greatly improve your input and speed up typing and games playing, but you of course need to make sure you get the right one. I highly recommend either Thumb Keyboard which makes typing with your thumbs possible even on a big screen which is large enough to allow touch typing if you lie the tablet down like it is a keyboard. Alternative you can look into getting a physical Bluetooth keyboard which will allow you to enter data much faster and even use your device for word processing.

Get Tablified Market HD

This is an app that provides you with a market specifically for tablets. The Play Market is apparently famously short on tablet-friendly apps, but with this installed you’ll be able to find some good ones quickly and easily.

Look for More Launchers

If you want to customize your Android even more then you should look into some of the exciting alternative launchers such as ADW Launcher or Go Launcher. Either of these will not just change the look of your deice but many of the options and settings to the point where it’s a whole new GUI.

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