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Top 5 Types of Power Banks 2017

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When it comes to charging electronics each type usually has the same versions. USB wall chargers and car chargers just have more USB ports to offer and that’s really it. However, when it comes to power banks, there are a lot more variations that power banks as they’re portable and as a result they have can have a lot more components added onto them. It’s good to know what types of power banks there are out on the market and that is why I’m going to go over the main types power banks that are the most useful to have

Low Capacity Power Banks

Power banks that have low power capacities are the types of portable chargers that most people prefer as they’re the ones that have the easiest portability. In fact, mini power banks that are the types of chargers that most charging electronic brands advertise the most, since they know it’s what most people prefer when it comes to portable charging.

Low Capacity Power Banks

There are two very common types of Mini power banks and that would be ones that use Lithium Ion batteries and then there are ones that use Polymer batteries. The types that use Ion batteries are the ones that are shaped in a cylindrical manner and that makes them quite convenient to take anywhere. Although the other types that use Polymer batteries are able to take Slim form factors and these types of portable chargers have Slim form factors that are about the same size as a smartphone.

These types of chargers can literally be taken anywhere.

As portable as these types of charges are, it’s important to know what they lack and that would be power. These Mini power banks have only enough power capacity to charge smartphones to full power only once or twice; then the charger itself will require a recharge.

 High Capacity Power Banks

High Capacity Power Banks

Then there are power banks that have high power capacities and these types of portable chargers are all around more useful than Mini power banks. But, just so I don’t take the side of only a single type of power bank, these types of chargers are larger and heavier because they use a lot of batteries in order to have a high power capacity.

Now what these power banks do very well is that they have lots of power and numerous options for charging. They can have power capacities that are within the 20,000mAh range and beyond so there’s enough power capacity to charge smartphones, tablets and lots of other devices are able to charge to full power multiple times. Along with a high power capacity, these types of power banks make use of many USB ports so you can charge lots of devices at once.

Power banks that have Built-in Cables

A must have a component for carrying out any type of charging is a charging cable, as even Wireless chargers are going to need charging cables for them to powered and carry out charging for your devices. The thing with charging cables is that there’s always with the charging electronic that is stationary, but when it comes to power banks it’s vital to make sure that you always have a charging cable.

With that said, there are times you could easily forget your cable at home, that means you can’t use the power bank you’ve got.

Power banks that have Built-in Cables

In order to make sure that you have a power bank that you can use at all times, you should consider purchasing one that has a built-in cable. There are power banks that have a single built-in cable that you can use with your most used device. There are also some of these types of portable chargers that have two types of built-in cables that can charge two types of devices; such as being able to charge Android devices than the other cable is able to charge iPhones or iPads. In addition to having built-in cables some of these chargers also still have a USB port which can be used with any cable.

One of the more useful built-in components are things such as an AC Adapter or a USB-A cable. If a power bank has an AC Adapter then it can basically be used as a USB wall charger when it’s connected into an AC Outlet.

Rugged Power banks

When we have portable electronics, we’re always careful that we don’t drop it because most electronics are not built to withstand drops onto the hard ground. Neither are most electronics able to be water resistant. It’s true with power banks and that is one of the main reasons why there are certain types of portable chargers that are able to take things that normal one cannot.

These types of tough chargers are called Rugged power banks. Rugged portable chargers are the type of chargers that have better-build qualities that are able to make them shockproof. Another thing is that they can be waterproof when they’re not in use because they have a waterproof covering that goes over the ports.

Rugged Power banks

Overall if you want a power bank that you don’t want to have to worry about falling out of your hands when you’re charging your smartphone on-the-go then Rugged power banks are the way to go. They’re also able to waterproof when you’re not using them too.

Portable Power Sources

These types of charging electronics are power banks and at the same time they’re a step beyond that and that’ because they have lots of power and more than just charging abilities. These are known as portable power sources and supplies because they can have power capacities which are within the 100,000mAH range which makes them able to charge lots of devices to full power way more times than just a high capacity power bank; also, having a lot power means that they’re able to power devices for quite a while as well.

Portable Power Sources

When it comes to charging and powering parts these portable chargers have lots of options. As they can have lots of USB ports and they can also have DC Output ports and AC Outlets. AC Outlets are the most useful parts of these power sources as they allow you to power appliances as long as it’s within the Wattage amount that the power supply can deliver.

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