Tablets for Gaming, Mobiles for Gambling?

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All businesses are now facing the stark reality that mobile is the future for business – in one form or another depending on the exact nature of that business. However, when it comes to gaming and betting in the mobile online world – here are horses for courses, it would seem – if you’ll pardon the pun!

Tablets for Gaming

Simply put, if you’re using a tablet there’s space for a lot of statistical information, a lot of data and a reasonably large display screen. This makes tablets ideal for almost all types of gaming and the industry is already beginning to see different tablets coming onto the market designed exclusively for gaming.

For example, a year ago, Razer introduced Razer Edge, the first ever tablet to be designed exclusively for top-end gamers. The product was the culmination of a huge amount of research and input from gamers including an enormous year-long crowd-sourcing endeavor; tapping into Razer’s existing fan base for their views on everything from the chipset to the tablet’s physical dimensions.

Mobiles for Gambling

Fans of sports betting, however, often have different needs. They generally want to see the information displayed quickly, accurately and simply – and to be able to act in the market on the odds they’re given. Often, gamblers will be on the move and, though they may wish to view the actual action they’re gambling on – they don’t want too much interface with the process of placing their bets etc.  So size doesn’t generally matter as much – whilst ease of use and clarity most definitely do matter.

The crossover area comes in the gaming-gambling space such as mobile casinos, slots games and bingo etc. This is, technically, gambling, and it’s also gaming – but isn’t generally the haunt of any serious gamblers as the odds are always stacked against the user. The professionals and serious gamblers bet on sports and other activities that call for serious professional judgment and insight and they want to see the odds with minimal fuss.

Very simply put – the industry seems to be moving in the direction of tablets for gaming and mobiles for gambling – and the stakes are incredibly high.


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