SQL Server Database Recovery To Repair Corrupt MDF File

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SQL Server is a relational databases management system that is used by the users to store the complete data. In SQL database, MDF files are the main database files so, any type of damage in these files leads to corruption in the entire database, including NDF file. Improper shutdown and an infected database from viruses and malware are the main causes of corruption in SQL database. Hence, to resolve such type of corruption, there is a need to repair corrupt MDF file. Now, the question arises how to repair corrupt SQL MDF data files? One such solution is to use a trusted third party tool i.e. SQL Server database recovery. It is the tool with the capability to remove all type of corruption from MDF and NDF files of SQL database.

A Brief Overview of Software

The SQL Server database recovery is the tool that is designed specially to repair corrupt SQL database, including both types files i.e. MDF and NDF files. It is the tool that auto-detect the version of SQL Server while repairing the database. Additionally, the software provides two type of scanning modes also i.e. Advance and Quick scan mode to repair the both primary and secondary database. A user is allowed to save the repaired data to SQL Server database also. Apart from all this, the software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and all versions of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2014/ 2012/ 2008.

Variant Versions of SQL Server Database Recovery

  • Free Version

In order to have an understanding of the software, one can first try the demo version of the tool, which is completely free of cost to use. A user can easily download it from the official website of the organization and can repair corrupt MDF file. This trial version of the software let users know about how to repair corrupt SQL database but has some limitations also. As it is totally free of cost version, a user can just preview the recovered files and not allowed to store and export them.

  • Paid/ Licensed Version

After using the free version of the software, if a user is completely satisfied with the tool, then he/she can order the licensed version of the software. A user can order the paid version of the SQL Server database recovery from the official website of the tool. One can use the paid version without any limitation as in free version. It allows users to repair and export all the data into SQL Server database without any restriction.

Impressive Features of the Software

  • Recover SQL Database from MDF file

A user can recover both primary (MDF file) and secondary (NDF file) database using this software. It recovers all tables, functions, views, triggers, associated primary key, stored procedure & all other components of SQL database. The software can be used on any version of the Windows OS and SQL Server.

Recover SQL Database from MDF file

  • Different Scanning Options

The tool provides users an option to perform two different scanning modes depending upon the level of corruption. If a database is having a minimum level of corruption then, a user can go for Quick scan mode. However, if SQL database is highly corrupted then, use Advance to remove corruption from it. Moreover, the tool provides users an option to auto-detect the version of the SQL Server.

Different Scanning options

  • Option to Save Scanned File

When a user perform scanning on both MDF and NDF file, he/she can save the scanned file for saving time in future. One can save the scanned file in .str format at any desired location. If the process is interrupted in between then, it is beneficial to use scanned copy directly to save time.

Option to Save Scanned File

  • Provide Preview of Database Items

After scanning complete SQL database, the SQL Server database recovery provides a preview of all the data items such as tables, column, indexes, functions, etc., that are being scanned. The software provides an option to check or uncheck the data files and folders that a user wants to export.

Preview of Database item

  • Dual Options to Export SQL Database Files

The software provides two different option i.e. SQL Server database and Compatible SQL Scripts to export SQL database file. In SQL Server database option, a user needs to enter database credentials such as server name, username, password, database name, etc. However, in compatible SQL scripts option, a .sql files is created that helps in keeping data on any machine.

Export SQL database file

  • Export with Schema/ Schema & Data

The software allows users to export the database either with a schema of selected table only or with both schema and data stored in it. Additionally, the software also recovers the XML data and advanced data type such as XML document, geometry & geography, sql_variant, datetimeoffset, etc.

Export Database file with Schema

  • Recover Deleted SQL Database

A user can easily recover and restore the data that has been accidentally deleted from SQL tables. While exporting repaired files, SQL Server database recovery asked to export deleted files as well. Therefore, a user can choose that option to export the deleted files also, as by default it does not export them.

Recover Deleted SQL file


  • Option to auto-detect the version of SQL Server.
  • Restore deleted table’s data from SQL Server.


  • Does not repair multiple MDF files at once.
  • Does not create .str file in quick scan mode.

Observational Verdict

After using and understanding the working of SQL Server database recovery, it can be rated as 9.7 out of 10. However, the software is unable to repair corrupt MDF file in bulk but provides an option to auto-detect the version of SQL Server. It is the tool that recovers even severely corrupted MDF file. Moreover, the tool provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it more easy for a user to repair data using this software.

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