Skype 6.0 makes its debut with Windows 8

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The popular service of Voice Over IP and Skype chat yesterday launched the latest version of its popular client: Skype 6.0 for Windows and Mac OS X. The software update introduces a number of new features including support for login via Facebook for Windows users and support for the Retina Display and multiple-window chat for Apple users.
Skype 6.0 with Windows 8
“Now you can log in to Skype using your Facebook account or Microsoft – said the Beta program manager of Skype, Raul Liive, in a post on its official blog – No need to create a new Skype account. This will make it easier to connect with friends on Skype without having to register again. “

Users of Microsoft services such as Hotmail, and Windows Live Messenger, the new Skype 6.0 will allow you to communicate with other subscribers to these services in a single platform, through instant messaging. Live adds that Skype, now owned by Microsoft, is also working on a feature – available “in the coming weeks” – which allow you to make audio and video calls to customers of Windows Live Messenger using the Skype desktop client.

In addition to these major updates, the client Skype 6.0 has been translated into six other languages of Windows, including Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan, Slovak. As for Apple users, however, Microsoft has added support for the open chat in multiple windows, as well as one for the Retina Display. “Now you can take full advantage of the improved usability and higher resolution screens,” adds Skype.

Even the general interface of Skype 6 has undergone a makeover both Windows and Mac, with the aim of making it easy to use. Also improved the look of the areas of instant messaging and SMS count users ever online was removed in order to accommodate a greater number of friends in the contact window of the program. Skype also announced the arrival of the Windows version 8, which will be released today – October 26 – along with the new operating system.

The company has, however, announced details of the application in advance of its release this week, giving us so the first looks at the new design of the client. The app seems to fit nicely in the interface of Windows 8, showing the contacts and bookmarks with the now famous tiles as well as integrating the application “People” by Microsoft, which allows you to view the latest status of Facebook contacts and insert favorite home screen of Windows 8.

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