Scienscope – The Story Behind the Company

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The company named Scienscope specializes in providing specialized X-ray video detection and measurement equipment that is available. Founded in 1995, the specialized technicians, researchers and the entire team at Scienscope are watching as technology is speeding up in every industry. Realizing the need for up-do-date equipment that is capable of testing the most miniscule item to some of the largest or lesser known materials, they research and continue to explore the possibilities of furthering data measurement and X-ray technology. General optic and video solutions are no longer adequate to meet the growing needs globally.

Scienscope began their collection of specialized equipment with the basic stereo zoom microscopes that are used when inspecting small objects like circuitry boards and other electromechanical assemblies. From that small and simple zoom microscope, Scienscope has grown into a company reputed for providing the finest in quality of complete inspection systems, measurement systems, magnetic imaging, and various types of X-ray capabilities. And, with every piece of equipment that is manufactured and used by Scienscope, quality, integrity and value are the primary elements driving their work.

With the focus always on what the clients require, Scienscope has lead the industry in creating basic stereo microscopes to micro-video optic solutions, CCTV camera systems and the ability to capture images using devices similar to an SD card in a camera. Capturing the images especially in medical facilities can aid in diagnosis and treatment. Visually documenting procedures and injuries further enabling professionals in all areas of medicine to more easily produce solutions. To simplify the process for physicians, the video images that are captured are easily converted to images that can be stored and viewed on USB drives and other common computer tools.

Scienscope offered the first video coordinate measuring machines in 2001 due to high demand from a customer base that had quickly growing technological needs and applications. Customers needed the ability to accurately measure extremely small features as well as inspection requirements. Continuing with their mission of providing top quality service to their customers, the cameras are designed with precision optical capabilities as well as a digital camera. The current product line includes other machine designs with the same focus on advanced capabilities to keep up with the growing demand in the medical and inspection fields. And, the greatest part is that the systems are entirely user-friendly – simple training is all that is required.

Scienscope continues to grow and provide new equipment, continually researching and growing as needs of the customers continue to grow. For more information, click here and learn about all of the product lines and services that are offered at Scienscope.


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