Planning a trip? Your iPhone can help!

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The new technologies offer a lot of essential applications that can give you a hand while planning your holidays, starting for the destination. If you are running out of time to prepare a long travel or you get your off days confirmed shortly before you have them iPhone presents hundreds of apps to check the best destinations and deals for these unforgettable days. Download them fast and make all the bookings at once. We introduce you the essential 5 apps for a successful travel planning.


  1. Packing Pro: Thinking that you forget something important when you finished to prepare your suitcase? Or probably, once you arrive at your destination you realized that a lot of essentials things were not inside your luggage? Get rid of this bad feeling with this app. Generate complete lists of must-have things and personalised the needs of all the family creating different profiles for every member. If you are short of time, you can use templates with the most usually forgotten things while on holidays.
  2. Flight Track: Feeling like a spy controlling a flight in real time? With this complete app you can check where is exactly your flight and how long will take the total of the trip and which route will it follow. But the best arrives with the real flight times. Be aware of delays, cancellations and last minute changes in your flights avoiding long queues and unnecessary waiting (and wasting of) time in the airport. And if you are going to pick up someone, Flght Track is a good way to know the landing time of your visitor in advanced.
  3. TripIt: If it exists, a perfect application for fully planning a trip is TripIt, one of the most complete in his field. Find the best accomodation, the restaurants around the city you are visiting, the main attractions and the spotlights that you must visit before the end of your holidays. This app allows you to organise activities, check the best places getting information and access to their websites for confirm opening hours and availability.
  4. Tripadvisor: The best friend of traveller lovers. The smartphone app doesn’t have anything to extra to the online site. Booking the cheapest, cosiest or lonely hotel in your destination city is easy with TripAdvisor. Also the platform has become popular because of the extended recommendations of the best places to visit, the hotels and restaurants made by travellers like you.
  5. Expensify: Travelling with low budget? Expensify is the perfect app for controlling until the last penny you spend on your holidays. Keep a record of all the bills, bookings, activities and every extra cost and calculate the money you are investing in these unforgettable days, without having a heart attack once you are back to the real life. Remember that holidays bring you happiness but they also made your pocket bleed.

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