Novice Tips: Using Technology to Make Money Betting on Sport

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Thanks to advances in modern technology, it doesn’t matter if you’re a betting expert or if you don’t know anything about the sport, it’s possible to make money speculating on a variety of prospects via your computer. Although an underlying knowledge of gambling and sporting events, such the battle for the NBA Championship, is useful when placing a bet, there is software on the market that can control virtually every stage of the wagering process for you.

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Products such as TheBetEngine, which is a third-party product developed using Betfair’s API, gives users the ability to automatically place bets based on certain parameters. Allowing up to 10 pre-defined betting systems, this betting bot will monitor the daily betting markets and ante-up without any user input.

In practical terms, these provisions are handy for the aspiring gamblers for two main reasons. These reasons are money management and improving their EV. Because the system allows users to input their own variables, it means they can limit the size of their stake on each bet so that they don’t spend too much.

The other benefit of using an app such as TheBetEngine is that it allows punters to analyse their results to see which systems are working, which aren’t and which need tweaking. As a sports bettor it’s crucial to constantly review your tactics and one of the best ways to do this is to run a variety of systems in unison and compare the results.

In addition to these provisions, The Bet Engine offers the following advantages for those looking to make some extra cash by betting on sports:

Staking Plans – In addition to allowing punters to input their own systems, TheBetEngine also contains a series of pre-programmed strategies that expert gamblers use. This is fantastic if you’re looking to risk more cash without using untested betting methods.

Multiple Race Filters – Cleary define the exact style and type of race you want to bet on. By sticking to your strongest sports, you’ll naturally stand a better chance of making money.

Manual override – If certain races don’t fit into your system, then you can manually exclude these from your automatic bets.

Exporting Results – Easily transfer your results into a desktop spreadsheet so you can analyse them when you’re not betting to improve your overall skill set.


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Whether you’re a sports betting expert or someone who is simply looking to make some extra cash, TheBetEngine is a piece of software that can make it happen. While it’s probably not a good idea to ante-up without knowing anything about a certain sport, this app can make the process of placing a bet a lot safer and, importantly, more profitable for everyone.


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