Microsoft Will Hire a CEO With His Head in The Cloud

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Microsoft is not exactly in the pink of health. In fact, it has not been so for a time now. The software giant is all set to be headed by a new CEO. He will only be the third CEO in the company’s 38 year existence. It is not going to be an easy task for the new candidate to pass the scrutiny by one and all. When he settles down, his immediate task will be to decide what he is going to do with Windows, Bing and Xbox. Some other products will also have to be given a thought to. Xbox and Bing may go out of the stable or if still with the company, will need tweaking.  The declining Windows market share is going to be a worry. So will the slow start of Microsoft licensing in mobile application.

Microsoft CEO

Ballmer’s Legacy

Steve Ballmer had reorganized the company before leaving. He put in place plans for each division. How they will look for resources, approach the market and make the best out of the missed opportunities have all been taken into account.  The new CEO might be able to reinforce the ideas and cause the stocks to rise in value which in turn, can boost the employees’ morale.

Expenses as Profits

Everything will ride on the cloud, irrespective of the ultimate plan of the new CEO who will, in any case, have to get the nod from Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. To paraphrase what Ballmer wrote to the shareholders, the aim was to monetize the company’s high-value activities. The devices will differ from services like Bing and Skype. The latter will generate revenue from ads and subscriptions. Many businesses are looking to Microsoft’s help in order to move to cloud.

Providing this help will keep the company’s strength intact. There will be a good growth too. Aiding the new CEO will be the $2 billion that will be allotted for IT expenditure. Rather than the sales of devices or ads, it will be these expenses that will transform themselves into profit for the company.

Insider is a Better Choice

Microsoft is looking for the best available person to fill the vacancy. The search is not confined to the company insiders but the most likely candidate is an insider. The Executive Vice President of cloud computing, Satya Nadella seems to be the apt person for the post.

Microsoft hire a CEO

The Cloud OS that is used in Skype, Xbox Live, Bing, Office 365, Dynamics, SkyDrive et al is the invention of his group. His extensive work in Microsoft has been as the president of the Server and Tools business, vice president of Business Division and in R & D on online services.

Visualization of Growth

Nadella is of the opinion that both private and public cloud are going to be having share in their marketing. He is matter-of-fact when he says that in the digitization milieu which is in the range of $2 trillion, Microsoft is nothing but does not shy away from saying that Microsoft has built a big business and can only grow further.

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