How to Hire & Retain Employees in a Company

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Employees are the true drivers of commerce. Top management sets the strategy, overseas the balance sheets, cash flow, profit and loss statements, service objectives and production goals. The employees working in each of these departments are the true producers of each of these objectives.

When hiring, too often the focus is only on skill set. Hiring strong employees, finding a cultural fit and reducing turnover requires understanding what the employee hopes to not only contribute to the company but also gain from their efforts. Is a growth track established? Is promoting from within the ranks a priority? Each of these items plays a key role in determining a long term fit for a new hire.

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When an offer has been extended and accepted, the role of property on boarding a new hire for long term success has just begin. It’s critical to go beyond the standard Human Resources paperwork and direct key responsibilities. Provide new hires with all the supplies they need from Office Depot. Exposing each employee to the larger picture and objectives of the operation will ensure a greater understanding and commitment from a new hire.

If staffing levels permit, assigning a mentor to each new hire that is not their direct supervisor will have tremendous value. The new hire will have a go to person for navigating the processes in a large corporation. This can make an overwhelming objective manageable through a partnership with a strong mentor.

Finally, cross training employees for similar positions within the company allows management to shift resources where needed and give the new hire additional skill sets to grow within the corporation. Continue to meet with new hires quarterly during the first year to ensure they are meeting objectives set by the company for their specific job, and also confirm that the individual is fully engaged and has the resources needed to accomplish their own goals.

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