Hidemyass VPN Provides Complete Privacy and Security

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If you are looking for total reliable network to carry out your business dealings or personal affairs, then hidemyass VPN is the best choice. This is the one Virtual Private Network that provides complete security to its customers. It operates through the server in which the identity of the person is not revealed.

Privacy and Security

Right from the registration process, you will be surprised how hidemyass VPN is not demanding any personal details about its client. There is no need to provide your name, physical location and other identification formalities which are to be filled up with this VPN. Normally you will be asked to enter your real name, location, and sex for getting registered in any website. But things are totally different with hidemyass VPN. As the name suggests, you need not give your real identity at all for accessing the network connection. It does not even ask you a valid email address.

Unlike other VPN providers, you need not have to give your real name for registration purpose. It is enough if you give your nickname or any other name under the planet. The biggest advantage of this feature is popular personalities can give fake identities to converse with their clients without giving their real exposure. This is highly beneficial for those who are looking for total privacy if they wish to interact with people.

Why Hidemyass VPN is best

Hidemyass VPN allows its users to stay connected with other sites through independent servers. It is true that you will be using the ISP but to your surprise any website that you wish to visit will be accessed through different server and not through the regular ISP. This VPN provider has worldwide branches and hence the server can be accessed anywhere from the world. If you are worried about the legal issues of this service provider, you would be glad to know that all its operation is absolutely legal. The idea of hidemyass VPN is to facilitate its clients to enjoy total privacy and security. But they are not allowing any of the customers to carry out illegal activities in the name of fake identity. All they offer you is complete protection shield through which you can interact with anyone you wish.

This marked feature of hidemyass VPN can be explained as follows. For instance, let us consider that you want to log into particular website but you are not sure about its legitimacy. In that case, you can very well log into the site and carry out the activity you would want to. However, the site owner (in case if they are of abducting type) will not get access of your real IP address when you are visiting it through this VPN. In other word, the person cannot identify your website IP. This is solid security for your privacy and even with the help of packet sniffer nobody can tape or copy the conversation you had secretly.

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