Google’s Partnership with HTC Makes Apple Fell Down

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Apple is one of the famous and greatest manufacturers of smart phones. The Apple iPhone occupy an important role in the smartphone industry. With its exotic features, Apple iPhones stand best in the market. This is also a reason for the costly price of those smartphone. Google also start its smartphone service few years ago and now it is also a growing brand in the smartphone industry. However, recently Google signed an agreement with HTC and this makes a shake on Apple’s products.

It is observed that Apple’s iPhone slowly falling down and the reason for this is Google inks an agreement with HTC. After the announcement of Google with HTC, Apple is falling. As per the recent survey, 1.31% down is faced by Apple products at a share of $153.95. On the other hand, Google is trading up to 0.17% at a share of $949.27. This clearly shows the downfall of Apple’s product in the market.

Google & HTC collaboration

Google and HTC

Recently, Google signs a partnership with HTC. This partnership is done by Google in order to develop its hardware division. As per the agreement or partnership, a lot of HTC employees join into Google’s developing hardware industry. Also, some of the intellectual properties of HTC are announced as Google’s non-exclusive rights in a separate deal by Google. According to this, it is considered as Google’s answer to iPhone by other top brands. It is clear that Google start its begging in the hardware field to compete with Apple. Traders are wondered with this move of Google and they consider this move as a threat to the iPhone.

The USB Director of Floor Operations of New York Stock Exchange, Art Cashin states that, “This move of Google is like a challenge to Apple’s iPhone. Thinking, Google may release a phone against iPhone with hyper-efficient features to the market soon”. Google already start manufacturing its own smartphone last year. Google start its smartphone industry by releasing Pixel phones. It is found that the primary partner for those phones is HTC and it helps Google to produce next generation Pixel model phones. It is expected that the second generation Pixel model phone should be released on 4th October.

Also, Rick Osterloh, the senior vice president of Google’s hardware division state in a blog that, Google is still in its beginning stage of hardware business. He wrote that they are concentrating on building their core capabilities and creating a portfolio of Google products. They create products that offer unique as well as pleasant experience to the people by bringing best of Google’s software into their products. This makes a great impression among various Google users and its software users.

It is noted that most of the smartphone and Google software users are keenly waiting for the arrival of Google’s product, Also, Google is trading higher this year with shares of 17.57% whereas the shares of Apple are up 32.74%. All these things make Apple and its products falls down slowly in the market and if arrives, Google product will definitely be a tough competitor to Apple’s iPhone.


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