Best Features of iOS 9 That You Must Know [Infographics]

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The beta version of Apple’s mobile operating system for Apple devices is out in the market. The latest version iOS 9 is full of exciting features and functions, although the company hasn’t declared its launch date yet. Meanwhile, Apple has unveiled iOS 9 beta version for public use. You can register for this early version of the software and use it on your iPhone, iPad etc. If you find out any error or bug, then you can report it to Apple so that it can be removed.

Apple has always been keen to refine its mobile OS, this time the tech giant has also improved some existing features and added new ones into iOS 9. Lets have a quick look at some of those features:

Increased Battery Life

Battery drain was an issue in previous versions of iOS, but with iOS 9 you will have to worry less about the battery. iOS 9 offers a low power mode that you can switch on to save battery power. This option can turn off the apps that use more battery energy and add up to three hours of battery power.

Faster Performance

iOS 9 is much faster and more responsive than its previous versions. It utilizes GPU and CPU to a maximum level to deliver fast scrolling, smooth animation and super quality performance.

Siri App has gotten better

Apple’s voice assistant app “Siri” has got a small design overhaul in iOS 9. The company has included a new feature spotlight search into Siri, which makes this voice assistant app more effective. With spotlight search you can easily ask questions that are related to time and location, such as “show me the photos I clicked on Monday”, “Remind me to call dad when I reach office”.

iOS 9 Infographic

Apple iOS 9 is loaded with various refined and new features that you can find out in the infographic here. It is designed by Nine Hertz – An iPad app development firm.


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