Active Play Toys and Tablets: Which One to Choose?

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Are you torn between shopping for a new toy and a tablet for your child? Do you want to get a tablet, but are concerned whether this suits your child best? This article will guide you on how to determine which one your child needs based on the following factors:

Active Play Toys and Tablets

  • The age of your child

This is the first thing to consider when deciding to get a conventional toy or a tablet. The younger the child is, the better it is to get an active play toys. This is due to the fact that younger children should initially learn through active play before shifting to more complicated toys such as tablets. Toddlers and preschoolers should be given active play toys such as toy cars, dolls, Lego to stimulate motor activities and develop their still to be developed gross and fine motor skills. If you have older children such as school-aged kids, then tablets are better for improved learning.

  • The purpose of the toy

If you want to get something for your child to promote better learning in math, science and other subjects, then getting a tablet computer is more advantageous. Tablets offer multi-function capabilities and you can easily install learning apps instead of getting several toys for this purpose. However, if you want better engagement while your child is having fun, getting active play toys are optimum.

  • Your family role

If you are considering including the rest of your family in the play time of your kids, getting a tablet computer is also optimum because they can join the child as he plays along. What about sitting down with your child in your couch as you watch the dinosaurs and planets in their tablet? Nevertheless, active play toys can also stimulate family bonding, but children will usually love to play with their toys on their own.

  • Your child’s interest

Never neglect letting your child choose between active play toys and tablets. Include them in the decision making because they will be the ones who will be using it in the first place. Give them options and let them choose.

  • Your budget

Definitely, your budget is also a consideration. Tablets may be more expensive than active play toys. So if you are buying a toy in the near future, then active play toys are more practical. However, tablets can reduce your expenses in the long run because your child can use it indefinitely just by installing new apps so he or she won’t get bored as compared to buying a new toy every month or so.

To conclude; no single toy is considered best for children. Both active toys and tablets can be the best gift you can give them, but consider all the above factors to determine the best time to get either of the two for your young ones.

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