4 Weird and Wacky Car Gadgets to Make Your Ride Look Fancy

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No luxury car is complete without its gadgets. From the humble car phone of the 1990s to the in-built GPS units of today, gadgets have been must-have accessories for discerning car owners. Celebrities adore them and celebrity wannabes drool over them… if you’ve got the money, check out these four weird and wacky car gadgets you can get installed to make your ride look fancy. These gadgets will unleash the inner car lover in the most devoted of train users!

Car Gadgets

1. AIRSCARF Neck Level Heating

No luxury car is complete without air-conditioning and heating for those days when climate control is a must. Car makers have taken it to the next level by installing seat heaters and air-conditioning vents in centre consoles to keep the back seats cool, but Mercedes Benz has added a whole new meaning to the word ‘cool’ with its AIRSCARF Neck Level Heating system. Vents have been installed in the headrests of the two front seats of some Mercedes cars to allow for heat to be pumped out through them. This acts like a ‘scarf of air’ (hence the name) to keep your neck cool on those cold winter days.

2. Alert Driver Wristband

OK, so this ‘gadget’ might not come as a standard accessory in luxury cars just yet, but the Alert Driver Wristband certainly has a bright future. Cool meets road safety with this gadget – the wristband uses RFID technology to detect when reaction times become slow due to lack of sleep, and should it decide that there is a sleepy driver at the wheel, it will begin vibrating to wake the tired driver up.

3. Saab Alcokey

Thinking along the same vein of saving drivers from themselves, Saab has developed a vehicle unlocking system that will only allow drivers to start their cars after a breathalyser test is passed. Before the car can be started, drivers must blow into a tube attached to their vehicle’s remote locking system. Should the driver be below the legal blood alcohol limit in their jurisdiction, the vehicle will start. If not, the vehicle will stay switched off.

4. Road Pro In-Car Sandwich Maker

For those who allow food to be eaten in their vehicles, consider purchasing the Road Pro gadget for just $20. This sandwich maker plugs into the cigarette lighter plug still found in most cars and heats up, allowing for grilled cheese sandwiches to be made while on the go. This device is perfect for those busy businesspeople who don’t have time for breakfast, but is rather dangerous to use while driving, so don’t!

Car makers are coming up with weird and wacky ways to distinguish their products from the rest of the market all the time. From new safety features to the plain weird (think sandwich makers!), there has never been a better time to add some fanciness to your car. For great results, use in conjunction with a diamond-encrusted dashboard (Paris Hilton) or a 540-horsepower engine!

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