3 Engaging Types of Videos that are Great for Social Media

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Are you thinking about creating a video for social media? If so then one of the first things you’re going to have to decide on is the type of video that you’d like to create – and that can often be a bit tricky.

Engaging Types of Videos

While there are so many different types of videos out there, the fact of the matter is that some tend to outperform others when used on social media. In particular, these 4 engaging types of video are extremely effective:

  1. The ‘How To’ Video Guide

Video guides and tutorials are an extremely effective type of video, mostly because they very clearly let the audience know the problem that they’re going to help them solve – and then proceed to do so. If you create a good video guide, you’ll also be positioning yourself as an authority on a certain topic and improving your personal brand as a result.

  1. The Short Funny Clip

Generally this type of video does best as a Vine or on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook where the average attention span of the viewer is shorter. A quick and funny clip that either plays on a meme, pop culture reference, or something else that the audience may find hilarious often does well – though it shouldn’t try too hard or it could fall flat on its face.

  1. The ‘Talking Head’ Vlog

Although ‘vlogs’ have fallen off in popularity a bit they are still an effective type of marketing video. The main advantage of vlogs is the fact that the ‘talking head’ approach will let you put your personality across more easily – assuming that is one of your strengths that you want to play on.

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Considering the fact that you undoubtedly want your video to look its best, having software such as Movavi Screen Capture Studio to help out is going to be a huge asset. The best part about it all is that since it is so easy-to-use you can skip having to learn how to use it and just jump right in and get started instead.


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