Could You be Missing Out on Social Media?

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Over half of the world’s populations are active on social media. This coincides with the spread of the reach of the internet around the world. As more people go online and create a virtual community, the use of the internet for brands has evolved. More people than ever before are following brands, with this figure dwarfing the interest shown in celebrities on the web.

The interest in social media marketing is rooted in the large potential customer base. While some people may claim that the large numbers don’t represent potential increased conversions and revenues, the social platform offers more than that. It will grow brand visibility, increase user level of trust and provide an avenue to build relationships with users, all of which have a direct impact on sales.

The internet has something for every business type out there. There are a variety of social media options, each with its demographic and preferred type of content. You need to maximize your understanding of different social media platforms  to get the best out of each one. Here’s a breakdown to help you out.

Social Media


This social media platform is popular with suburban and youthful audiences. While it is not the most popular social media platform, it has continuously been rising in popularity. Brands are very popular  on the platform, with up to 80% of users following at least one brand on the platform.


You should post regularly on the platform, limited at  about 15 times a week. The platform allows you to share videos and images. It can be a good platform for product launches and quick video tutorials. You should avoid over marketing your brand on the platform for a greater impact. It can be difficult for new brands to get any followers or views on the platform because users tend to interact with already poplar content. You may consider buying views, followers and likes to get ahead. You may consider getting automatic monthly likes from trustworthy sources to help boost the performance of your social media marketing efforts.


Made up of mostly young tech savvy users, the social media platform is quietly popular. It is a great platform for brands but may require higher engagement rates than other platforms. If you are setting up a social media page for your brand, you should be prepared to use the avenue for customer service.

he platform accepts images, videos, GIFs and statements limited to 280 characters. While you can share our brand’s content on the platform, as well as products, it is more suited for brief announcements, links and engagements with your users and other brands. In order to take advantage of the platform, you should consider tweeting about three or four times every day. You can observe Twitter analytics, which are freely offered on the site, to find and capitalize on the high visibility times.


The largest professional social media platform hosts over 500 million users. It can be your hub for new partnerships and ideas. Linkedin is likely to put off many businesses at first glance due to the lack of large numbers of their desired target audiences on the platform. However, it offers access to processionals, leading brands, competitors and qualified professionals in your field. The potential for business partnership is not as big anywhere else as on Linkedin.


You can share posts with images and short clips. However, the highly professional audience will demand great quality content. In depth research and analysis, as well as links to other articles and journals could help you attract a following on the platform.


One of the more recently developed social media platforms on this list still has value for businesses. It has a large following, and is popular among more youthful users. A study found that at least 63% of Snapchat users check the platform once a day, which suggests a high likelihood of visibility for brands that take advantage of the platform.

You will increase traffic to your social media page on the platform by sharing content during high traffic times for users from your target locations. You can share images or snippets of videos called snaps. The platform is ideal for product launches and small interview snippets to generate interest in your brand. You should also limit your self advertising on the platform since overselling can push away interested clients from your brand.


this is the most popular social media platform available. It has over 2 billion active monthly followers around the  world, with 95% of adults on the platform showing some interest in a brand. You will be able to reach different demographics on the platform, and could be well placed to reach more users.


The platform allows users to share all types of content. It can be great for audiovisual content, with easy upload options available for multiple posts. You will be able to attract more interest in your brand by using diverse content on the platform, and creating a platform for user engagement.

Getting high conversion rates from the platform can be challenging because there are large numbers of people involved, many of whom will not be interested in your brand. However, you can reach your desired audiences through targeted advertising, which the platform offers. You will be able to reach your potential clients by their location, online activity, demographic information and preferences, which could help you drive up sales. For best results, you should post at least twice a day on the platform.



This is the biggest video hosting platform on the internet, with the largest attraction for users. It is so popular that the number of search requests made on the platform every month are second only to those made on Google. It offers users access to video content, which has a high potential to attract users.

On the platform, you should post about two to three times every week. You can share insider information such as backstage views of events, launch new products and show how-to guides to help keep your users interested and informed. You should share links to your content on other platforms to maximize visibility.

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