The Future of POS Technology: Cloud Based

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The number of industries and businesses investing in cloud tech to track their inventory is rising exponentially. According to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, almost 90 percent of companies are currently making some sort of investment in cloud computing. Why? This type of technology gives you more freedom to share files and track stock as a business owner. Cloud technology even improves workplace productivity.

Cloud Based POS System

Here is why the future of POS technology is cloud-based

Reduced Risks

This is the first and foremost reason – cloud tech increases efficiency while reducing technical risk. This is made possible due to the fact that companies, which invest in cloud computing can reduce technical risk. They eliminate almost all servers and additional storage software, thereby minimizing technical infrastructure. You can reduce expenses a great deal without compromising your IT operations.

Companies worldwide have become up to 20 percent more efficient and productive with the use of cloud inventory tracking because cloud tech offers quick sharing capabilities. The user experience is at the heart of cloud technology. Cloud tech is the easiest to use, bringing human error down to an unavoidable minimum. Inventory tracking through the cloud is an intuitive process, reducing risk by preventing loss of efficiency and time, frustration, and higher costs of customer support. It follows that the risk of dissatisfied customers is minimized as well.


Cloud technology is always developed with the best possible user experience in mind. It is as easy to use as possible. They say tech is not right for your business if your least technical staff member can’t work with it. Cloud tech reduces risk by preventing loss of time and productivity. The risk of unhappy customers is reduced as well.

Fast and Fault-Free

Companies that are slow to adopt cloud tech can suffer from slow checkout lines and other issues. We all know that nobody enjoys waiting in line. With cloud-based techs, like a POS system in the cloud, you can ring up purchases as quickly as possible, bringing wait times and other inconvenience down to a minimum. Access to product information is also much faster, which enables them to help customers efficiently.

In fact, this might well be the most important reason why to use cloud tech. The traditional system software has become dated. The software can be very slow and buggy, causing data loss and frequent crashes. You need to consider cloud tech if you have been experiencing problems of this kind.

Many small business owners are considering the transition to a cloud-based POS system because conventional POS systems are getting costlier and causing intense dissatisfaction among employees and customers alike. Another reason you should make the switch now involves hidden fees and charges.

The price is arguably one of the most important considerations for all business owners, particularly small business owners. Several companies promote dishonest costs. It is not as easy as shopping around for a decent deal. Some firms will provide packages with confusing price structures. There are usually hidden costs that you might not discover until it’s too late.

Always check for costs in advance. In particular, look out for things like set up fees, integration fees, add-ons, support fees, cancellation fees, hardware fees, and excessive credit card processing rates.

Customer service

Usually, a company will require customer support at least a few times each year, even one that has bought more advanced POS software – or maybe especially if that’s the case. Paying a lot of money for it is no warranty that you’ll get a good service. A lot of users are offered no services, poor customer services, or overly expensive ones. Most cloud-based POS system providers value customer service a great deal.

Always look out for staff that is friendly, available, and professional. Consider if you will need 24/7 service or whether normal business hours will suffice. In some cases, support is either paid or unavailable. Last but not least, you need to look for your preferred access to support, such as by online chat or phone. If you’re currently not being offered these things by your traditional provider, it may be a sign that you need to change your POS system.

High Flexibility

Cloud technology enables business owners to pay for more storage and server capacity when they need it and do away with it when they don’t. With traditional data storage, this option isn’t available.


A business can access its data from anywhere in the world from almost any device with cloud tech. The risk of experiencing difficulties when you access data will be reduced no matter where you’re physically located.

Positive Environmental Impact

Cloud technology has reduced the need for data centers globally. This impacts the environment in a very positive way. Thanks to cloud tech, many companies have managed to share resources and establish an environmentally friendly status. Some cloud computing solutions have changed the way we do business in a major way. These platforms and services will keep evolving as companies look for ways to improve data storage solutions to become more and more efficient and effective.

Security Issues

Generally, cloud based POS systems are safer than conventional ones. It’s very surprising how many small businesses neglect security when choosing their POS software. Security is a critical matter, in particular for small to medium-size companies, which are most vulnerable. Hackers know companies of this size often lack the means or knowledge to invest in systems that thwart attempts to steal credit card info. It may be time to change to a cloud based, modern POS system if you’re worried about security issues with your current system. As you shop around, ask POS service providers to inform you of their security policy and details.

Make sure you have a look at the documents they give you. It’s also a good idea to check what their security reputation is online. In some cases, it may be recommendable to speak to or hire an expert consultant on security issues.

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