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Ipad is one of the best devices for viewing and syncing the photos that you’ve been clicking through your DSLR. One has to simply download Itunes on one’s computer or laptop and tap the option of sync to quickly transfer all photos from the Ipad to the connected device.

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Also if not using Itunes, one can create albums in Apple’s Iphoto or Aperture programs on their laptops and then sync. But the point to be noted here is that these two, are Apple only and thus one will have to buy an Apple laptop. As this is not a very smart option, it is better to use Itunes which is convenient and fast and will download on any system. One Itunes can have up to five Apple Id’s synced so you can use this on a shared laptop too and not worry about losing your data. Also one can sync from Adobe Photoshop 2.0 or later and/or Photoshop Elements 3.0 to the Ipad.

Comparing with the Android Powered Tablets

On comparing we see that Android Tablets are more popular as they are DSLR friendly with programs such as ‘DSLR controller’ which makes operating them with your DSLR convenient. Further their popularity is a result of their being cheaper and more flexible than Ipads. One can simply buy a memory card to get nearer to Ipad’s enviable memory.

photo: sleeplessninja

photo: sleeplessninja

Also another great Ipad feature is its screen, but Android beats it here by offering a choice in sizes, between seven to ten inches. Thus according to what will be easier to carry around, one should make their final choice. Also Samsung provides Super-PLS which makes viewing better.

Editing the photos

But for both Ipads and Android Tablets, editing is still better done on your laptop or computer. For editing a number of options are available free online such as-, Zoner Photo Studio, Irfan View and Microsoft Photo Gallery.

The Windows 8 Surface Tablet

Moving on from these two devices, it is Windows 8 Tablet which seems to take the cake. Because once you buy the Windows 8 tablet, you don’t need a companion device such as a laptop or computer. You will own both a tablet and a laptop with the latest Windows. The Windows 8 start screen is also very easy and fast to use and will be a fresh change from the start menu. So with this advantage at hand, you can edit and view photos in one place, and no time gets wasted. The disadvantages is the price you pay for these advantages. Windows 8 convertibles are costlier than laptops as they have expensive parts such as SSD’s. But then again, you are saving money by not buying or maintaining a whole new companion device.

Another point to note here is that it is a bigger tablet and it might not be easy to carry around. The smaller version is available- Surface RT (ARM based). But this does not have an Intel Processor and also won’t have Canon and Toshiba softwares. But it is lighter and has a larger battery life than Microsoft Surface Pro,which is heavier than most of ten inches tablets.

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