Why You Need a Wi-Fi Booster

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In your home or office, your Wi-Fi network can play a big role in helping you achieve all of your daily tasks. However, a weak signal can render your Wi-Fi connection basically useless, and can end up be more frustrating than its worth. A Wi-Fi booster can easily solve the problem of low signal and help get you the connectivity you need to do your work. Knowing the reasons for a low signal can help you determine the best booster for your needs. If you need help finding the right booster for your home or office, consult an online selector tool, like the one available at My Amplifiers.

Building Materials
Depending on what the actual construction materials of your building are, you can experience a weaker signal, especially if the signal falls in certain rooms or areas of your home or office. If your home is older and built with plaster and lath walls, there is a possibility that a metallic mesh component in the walls is disrupting the signal. Walls that are thick or different metal beams in office building can also halt signal transmission. Moving the router can help slightly, however if your whole house is built the same, you may not be able to find a location where this interference doesn’t exist. A booster can help amplify the signal so it can pass through these materials.

The biggest cause of decreased Wi-Fi signal is that the equipment is too far away. In order to prevent interfering with other equipment, many routers have a range of about 100 feet. New technology is working to increase the range, but it is still less significant than you would get with a Wi-Fi booster. These devices can help you spread your network over a larger coverage area.
In a large home or office, you may need to install additional signal boosters to get the best amplification. A Wi-Fi booster can help you get increased signal on additional floors throughout your home, which ensures that you always have your network at the capacity you need it, no matter where you chose to work.

Low Signal Disadvantages
While you may still have access to your network if your signal strength is low, a constant connection is not guaranteed. You may experience intermittent connectivity issues, and often find your network disconnecting due to low signal. Additionally, you connection speeds can suffer, and will become slow. The weaker the signal the slower the speed will be. Don’t sacrifice your network capabilities because of a low signal strength. A Wi-Fi booster is a quick and simple solution that is easy to install and works immediately to increase the range of your router and distribute your connection over a greater area, improving the signal in the meantime.

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