Why Shared Hosting is the Preferred Choice for New Website Owners

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While there are many types of hosting plans from which an individual or a business can choose, for the sake of affordability and at least for a websites initial introduction, many businesses and individuals choose shared web hosting. There are many reasons why shared hosting is a preferable hosting option upon a websites initial introduction to the Internet.

Shared Hosting

An Affordable Option

Often when an individual or business chooses shared web hosting, it is largely due to budgetary constraints. Shared website hosting is the most popular option is because it is affordable. When you consider the cost of having a professional website custom built by either an individual or a web design company, you can understand why, upon a website’s introduction, the least amount of expense is often sought after by the business or website owner from hosting services.

The Convenience of Shared Hosting

As you get into more advanced levels of web hosting, the challenges for you as a website owner can increase. Fortunately, when you decide on the option of shared web hosting, there is little that you have to do. If you have your own server, as you might with a dedicated server hosting plan, you may be responsible for the maintenance of the server. Unless you have experience in doing so, you might find it to be a challenge you’re not up to.

Shared Hosting

One of the conveniences of shared hosting is that you are not responsible for the maintenance or the upkeep of the server that you are using. When you purchase a web hosting plan from a host company like Midphase, they are responsible for maintaining the server and troubleshooting the server if it happens to go down.

Customizing: The Shared Hosting Advantage

There are many different types of shared hosting plans, but perhaps one of the most widely used is known as c Panel website hosting. This type of hosting plan is a bit more unique than your average shared hosting plan because of the control that it allows you as a website owner.

Thanks to c Panel hosting, you have server administrator controls through a simple and singular control panel with the implementation of a UNIX-based web hosting control panel. This allows you more control over the server, which is not typically what you will find with most shared hosting plans. You typically find this type of control in a more advanced and also more expensive hosting plan.

The Efficiency of Shared Hosting

When you stack up shared hosting next to dedicated hosting, or even VPS hosting, shared hosting certainly takes a backseat to these impressive hosting options. However, not all aspects of shared hosting are bad and in fact, they actually work very well for particular website owners and businesses.

Not only has it been established that shared hosting is much more affordable than dedicated or VPS hosting plans, it is also offers plenty of space and acceptable bandwidth for new websites. While you may find that you need more space and more bandwidth down the road, you can always add to this or upgrade your hosting plan for websites just starting off, a shared hosting plan will likely offer the more features than you could ever need.

Whether it is the control of c Panel hosting or the affordability of shared hosting, if you are looking for quality service to get your website online but you don’t have a vast amount of money to spend on web hosting, you should consider a shared plan.

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