Why iCloud Has Raised Big Data Security Concerns?

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Whilst Apple iCloud is set to make Mac users’ lives much easier by syncing data between devices, it has also raised a data security concerns meaning that users have to essentially be comfortable with somebody else holding all of their data.

iCloud Raised Big Data Security

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is becoming an increasingly popular way to store data online instead on external hard drives or carrying important documents back and forth on a USB stick. It is become a very efficient way for businesses to share information quickly. It is also much cheaper than the traditional methods. However, there are also a number of risks involved when it comes to data security, such as hacking and data theft, virus infections, wireless vulnerabilities and loss of control of personal data.

What Are The Security Concerns?

Data syncing is a brilliant invention, allowing consumers to have everything on every device. However, should one item be lost or stolen, such as an iPhone, it could be used to access all important documents and private photos from your computer in your cloud. A big reason for the concerns is the lack of visibility on what happens to your data. Simple questions like, “Is it protected and encrypted?” And “HOW exactly is data being backed up?” are still not fully answered. There has been no public address of the security issues with this iOS from Apple.

Another worry is that one password to rules all. Everything is accessed by one single Apple log in ID and password which is amazing for ease of use, but not so for security reasons as there are no layers to the privacy of files. Companies should maybe think twice before trusting iCloud with very important data. Whilst Apple explicitly state that their data cleansing from recycling your old Mac products is compliant with ISO 27001 standards (the internationally recognized standard for information security management), they have actually neglected to state explicitly on their website that they are ISO 27001 certified.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Make sure you use iCloud with care. Only sync what is entirely necessary between devices. Pay particular care when employees use personal devices such as iPhone’s to link to the company. Should their phone be lost or stolen, or should they leave the company, then they would still have access to company intellectual property within the cloud. Avoid untrusted Wi-Fi networks so that hackers cannot get into your computer and also to ensure that the password is complicated and extremely difficult to guess.

Finally, take note that Apple would have to hand over data stored in the iCloud to authorities should they receive a subpoena. This means that extremely personal documents, such as health records or financial sums would be better off encrypted by the user before being stored. They would remain encrypted in the cloud and therefore private. The question remains as to whether the risks will outweigh positives of iCloud. Experts are guessing not, as the convenience of having online back up of data on multiple devices is too good to miss out on.


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