Why Exchange Betting is More Fun….and Profitable

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It is hard to deny that everyone enjoys the occasional punt. Whether it’s a bet between friends or a high-stakes, double your money bet on your football team to win at the weekend, we all like to make things a bit more interesting on occasion. There are ways to add to the excitement however, with one of them being the use of exchange betting apps. The Betfair trading app is a great example of this and shows how an exchange company can not only offer the same promotions of a normal bookie, but offer extra additives as well, regardless of whether you are using the app version or the desktop version of their site.

exchange betting

While most betting sites and applications will offer crazy promotions and wild bonuses as their unique selling points, exchange betting sites go one better by offering customers the chance to bet against each other, through a simple ‘back’ and ‘lay’ system. If you were to ‘back’ a selection it is the equivalent of a normal bet on any given selection, but a ‘lay’ allows you to bet that the selection won’t win, almost acting as a self-employed bookie. The risk may be great given that if a selection you have ‘layed’ does in fact win, then you have to pay out not only your stake but the winnings of the bet as well, but the reward can be even greater, as you are maximising your chances of winning.

Think of it this way; if you were to ‘lay’ a horse in a 7-horse race and if any of the other six horses went on to win, you would walk away a winner, making it particularly appealing for those wanting to place a bet, but not having a clear idea regarding who might succeed at the end of the selection.

Not only this but the exchange sites offer you more selections, at greater odds and with many promotions thrown in for customers too, it is hard not to make the change from regular betting sites and apps, to exchange ones.


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