Which tablets are perfect for students?

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If you are a student then you have to deal with your studies, a lack of money, clean underwear and getting a partner so that you can copy all those movies about horny teens. Getting a tablet may not be a student’s biggest concern, but if you are a student and you want one then here are a few factors to consider when buying tab.


Used ones – Should you buy a new one?

A used one is going to cost less, plus tablets fall in price very quickly, so the device that was sending people crackers last year is now only half the price on eBay. Just because the newest Samsung or iPad has come out it does not mean that you have to have it.

Wide screen ones – Are you going to watch movies?

If you are planning on watching movies on your table, then a wide screened one is best. They tend to be in HD, and they do look a lot better when watching movies. Even in this case it still becomes confusing because the tablet starts to look a little like a small TV, when the chances are you will spend most of your time sat in a room with a large and real TV sat there.

High memory ones – Will you need to store a lot of files?

People who need to store a lot of files are often downloading movies and music. Still, it is not unheard of for students to keep their portfolio on their tablet. There may be art or graphic design students who keep all of their heavy files on there, or there may be programming students who are trying out their programs on their tablet.

HD ones – Do you need perfect pictures on you tablet?

Higher definition seems only fair on a tablet, as most in the future are going to be HD as standards. But, you have to ask yourself if you want one that is HD for any particular reason. If you have to review your graphic design on the train, then yes a HD screen is needed. If you are being asked to edit 3D animation whilst on the move, then HD is again preferable. But, if you are going to be doing most of this stuff in your dorm room, do you really need a tablet at all? You could be doing it on a PC in your dorm instead.

E-reader ones – Will it help you with your reading?

If you do have books that are not physical, such as PDFs on your computer that you should ideally read for your course, then it is suggested that you buy an e-reader. As a student, you will feel far more comfortable reading for long periods of time if you have an e-reader.

They are also very good for the fact you can store a lot of books on them at one time, and for the fact that some of them really do have good screens that look as if you are reading a book.

Top of the range ones – Will you go for the best?

If you do go for the best then try to find one that is going to last you a long time. Not to have a go at Apple, but they do seem to like creating items that have no backwards compatibility. They create a new iPad and suddenly they create a bunch of new accessories to go with it so that you have to buy all of them again too.


You should seriously consider buying a second hand tablet as it will save you a lot of money, plus in a few months your new tablet is going to be second hand any, it is just that this way you are jumping the gun a little.

If you are a student then they does defiantly get an e-reader. This only doesn’t apply if you already have all the books you need, in which case you will be better off with the books. But, if you want to read a lot of PDF books then an e-reader is for you.

HD and wide screen is readily up to you, but if you are planning on watching a lot of TV or movies then why not watch them on your TV or your PC monitor as they are both bigger. Furthermore, if you are planning on traveling around and watching TV or movies, then wouldn’t you be better off traveling around and reading so that you student years do not go to waste?

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