Which is the Best Tablet to Buy among Windows, Android and iOS?

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As like smartphones, people would love to use tablets as well. But they bemuse themselves choosing the best and excellent tablet. This is the reason, here we have compared tablets of iOS, Android and Windows in order to decide the best one.

Galaxy Tab 2

The Galaxy Tab 2 is an Android tablet designed by Samsung. The cost of this tablet is $499 and the display is 10.1 inch. This tablet provides hard functionality, superlative display and convenient to hold sizes and very sleeky too. It is easy to handle and this tablet lets the users to use it with ultimate comfort.

Galaxy Tab 2

Windows Surface Pro 3

People were thought of buying surface pro 4 because of its excellent performance and comfortable features. But, I would say that, surface pro 3 is also good to reckon since it is gettable at low cost comparing to surface pro 4. The surface pro 3 also allows the users to go wonder with its performance and specifications.

Microsoft Surface-Pro-3

Apple iPad Air 2 – iOS

The cost of this Apple tablet is $499 same as that of the Galaxy’s. This tablet is designed with smooth features and easy to use. The camera clarity is amazing to look at. Comparing to ipad pro, the Apple ipad air 2 would be better to reckon. It is really a stunning device to utilize.

Apple ipad Air 2

Beside the brands of the tablet, actually a good tablet should have the following features,

  • Good Operating System – Rather choosing a tablet looking on its brand, you should consider the applications of the tablet. That is, the Microsoft applications like Office area and one note are usable on all three above said devices. But, if you are a Mac user, obviously, you have no other go than choosing ipad. Since, ipad does not permit to share files directly with other devices. At that time, you can load your files on one device and download it from other. Likewise, you should compare the applications of the Apple’s, Window’s and iOS’s to decide the better tablet.
  • Battery Life –The life of the battery is something that should be reckoned without fail ahead choosing a tablet. The battery life of Android tablet is 11 hours, Microsoft pro 4 is 8 hours and ipad is 10 hours. And each device requires different style of chargers. That is, the surface pro 4 demands a charger, as same as of personal computer and that should be connected to the wall. Portable chargers for iOS and ditto type chargers of ipad.
  • Big Screen and Light Weight – The most important reason for buying the tablet is the screen size. Yes, people would like to use big screen sized devices rather than using compact sized screen. In addition to the screen size, they also expect to have light-weight devices as well. Since, they do not want to use the heavy weighed devices just for the reason it has big screen. Overall, the display of the tablet should be big, stylish and thin. So, compare the screen sizes and weight of the tablet too.
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