What’s the Next Big Advancement in the World of Video Games?

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In recent years, the rapid changes in technology have made the gaming experience more interactive. As technology continues to advance, this will continue to be the case. Below are some of the latest developments in software and hardware that is making gaming both more captivating and user-friendly.

World of Video Games

Always Connected

The breed of new generation gamers who have grown up playing online multiplayer games can look forward to better gaming experiences that allow them to stay connected 24/7. This means that the games genres will continue to evolve and varied games will be available across numerous platforms, at all times.

Hologram Images and Graphics

A number of game manufacturers are able to do this in their studios with the use of head tracking and 3D functions. Sega is currently working to create games that will allow objects to come out of the screen so that players can interact with 3D images and characters. It is indeed going to be one of the next big advancements in the world of video games.

World of Video Games

Motion Controls

The motion controls of today have almost become redundant and can be compared to the 8-bit gaming consoles of the past. Games of the future will be able to access real-time data and information about the player, thereby customizing the gaming experience and raising the level of interaction.

Improved Performance Capture Technology

There are already a few games in the market (such as Uncharted 3 and Heavy Rain) that use performance capture technology, which have proved to be very successful. In the future, use of performance capture technology in video games will determine the appearance of the next generation of virtual characters while allowing an expressive connect with the players, and even outshining Hollywood in its use.

2D Gaming

Many players in the gaming community play the 8 and 16 bit games whenever they feel nostalgic. However, the boom in 3D gaming with stereophonic surround sound is a phenomenon that is here to stay. Most gaming companies will create new games and then outsource it for conversion into 3D technology. In the future, 2D games will only be provided by a few independent studios.


There are many video games that come with stunning graphics. The field of video game graphics will continue to evolve wherein the characters will look more life-like, and both concrete and natural environments will take your breath away with their extreme detailing.

Smart Gaming

The next generation of video games will take into account a variety of personal characteristics such as you mood levels, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, and even capture your facial expressions as well as heart rate. This will then allow for a more interactive and personalized gaming experience.

Virtual Reality

The plethora of 3D games and advancements in this technology means that gamers will finally be able to increase, or level-up, their interactive gaming experiences by sculpting their own characters, creating holographic objects, setting their preferences, and much more!


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