What to do if your Computer Breaks Down

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Most of us rely on a computer for our day to day work, whether we use it in the office, at home to communicate with friends, family and work colleagues or to apply for jobs in order to get back on the employment ladder. However, computers are infallible and things can still go wrong. In fact, most people experience one or more problems with their computers every year. While most of them can be fixed easily, there are some more serious problems which will mean you have to buy a new computer. Here are some things you can do if your computer breaks.

Computer Breaks Down

Work out what the problem is

You don’t have to be a computer expert to figure out what the problem is with your computer or what has happened to it. Is the problem that it won’t turn on anymore? Has the screen broken? Is it suddenly working very slowly? As long as you know some of the symptoms, you can speak to an expert and tell him/her what has happened, rather than paying extra money to work out some of the simpler things about your computer’s problems.

Borrow a friend’s computer

If you desperately need the use of a computer and you don’t have the money or wherewithal to get yours repaired just yet, ask if you can borrow a friend’s computer for a little while. Ask a few friends and you’re sure to find someone who has a spare computer lying around somewhere that they can lend you for a few days. Remember that you can access the internet and many other features on a tablet just as well as you can on a computer, so you might discover that you can still do all the things you need to do, just on your iPad instead!

Take it to an expert

If you’re sure that something serious has happened to your computer, such as the blue screen or it won’t start up properly, you can take it to an expert who can have a look at it for you. Iconic computer repairs in Edmonton is a company which deals with all kinds of computer problems on a regular basis, and there are many companies full of experts who can help you. Some companies will even have a look at your computer free of charge and let you know what they can do to help before charging you for going ahead with the work.

Check your warranty

All gadgets come with warranties if you’ve bought them brand new, and if you haven’t had yours for a very long time, it’s most likely that the warranty is still valid. Dig out the documents and have a look to see if you can get someone from the manufacturing company to come and fix your PC for you.


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