What is Deteriorating Encryption and How It Permits the Bad Guys in?

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Do you have any idea about encryption? It is nothing but the data written in the form of cipher text. That is cipher text is something that cannot be accessed easily by anyone other than the author of the data. Since, the cipher text is written in coding or any other unreadable form. Encryption is the efficient method to obtain the data security. But, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and several other companies have joined hands to refuse calls for deteriorating encryption. And those leading companies believe that, the fading encryption could be broken by the evil or terrible guys.

Deteriorating Encryption

According to the reports, Tim Cook, Apple Company’s Chief Executive said that, encryption is the foremost utensil for us and we strongly believe that, encrypted data would help stopping the criminals sealing our bank accounts, cars and other bearings of ours and it assist to safeguard the data.

And the above said technology companies believe that, the fading encryption is one of the reasons for the terrorist attacks in Paris that happened very recently. They said, these days, people mostly rely on the internet to get done their jobs. If that is the case, the transmission and transaction should be safe enough and protective and most importantly it should be encrypted.

Another superior personality, Dean Garfield, the Chief Executive of Information Technology Council said that, the waning encryption with the intention of highly developed safety measures merely does not create any sense.

Avoid Weak Encryption Methods – Says Technology Companies to US

For safeguarding the data and people from bad things, each and every transmission should be encrypted and precisely safe. This is what the technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and other companies suggests the United States Government. They says that, the communication and contact on both the ends should be encrypted, so that, only the receiver and sender can read the matters of the message or information. If the information is encrypted or protected, no other third parties or bad guys access the message and contents of the message.

The Government of United Kingdom and other Governments says that, the back doors, weakening encryption and outlets in the protection software are what paves way for the bad and terrible things to take place. If the security is maintained in a fair manner, we can avoid these kinds of situations easily.

Dean Garfield said that, the fading encryption or making some back doors to secured devices and data to give the access to the good guys is what really creating helplessness and allows the bad guys as well to access the message and its matters. If this continues, we and our country have to face tons of evil things that have the capacity to damage our economical status and society.

This is the reason why those companies continuously recommends that, stop giving access to the bad guys or good guys reading the message. Rather, the access should be given only to the sender and receiver of the message. By this, we can avoid lots of evil things in our country and society.


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