What & How to Backup Your WordPress Site?

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WordPress is one of the best web application tool’s (AKA – Content Management System Tool (CMS)) that is available in the market, and many people use it for developing their blogs or websites. Even though internet gives all of us ease of access, there is always something to be careful upon. As more and more people are using WordPress for their sites, there is a chance that it can crash. If at all it does, then all your content will be lost. So, it is better to backup your WordPress site so that you can be sure that all your contents are safe. How can you backup your WordPress site? Here are some ideas for you.

WordPress Backup

Data Backup

The database is the first thing that has to be in your backup plan. Not that I am negative about WordPress, it is always better to be prepared than feel sorry later on. There are a lot of plugins available for doing the backup of your site. You will need to use a plug-in as the manual process of backup will be very tedious and time-consuming. You have to install the plugin and activate it. Once it is activated, you can click on the Backup menu in the toolbar, which can take a backup of all the contents of your site. Backup that is done can be immediate or a scheduled one. I suggest that you should schedule the back-up at frequent intervals so that you need not be doing it again and again.

Contents Backup

Now, since the database backup is done, the next important backup that you have to do is for the content which includes the content in addition to the themes and plug-ins. All these data are stored in the wp_content folder on your site. The backup for this has to be saved on the computer. Just copy the whole folder and make sure that is saved in a convenient location on your computer so that you don’t have to be searching for it if at all a need arises. Since the contents backup has to be done manually, it is advisable to do it at least once a month so that you do not miss out much in the event of some mishap.

Access Information Backup

The access information is the next item that should have a backup. Find the wp_config.php file from the site and create a copy on your computer. This file is important as it has all the configuration details as to how your site communicates with the database.

The manual back-up that you do to safeguard your contents and the access information is very important because once WordPress crashes, you can retrieve all the work that you have done on it except for these. So it is highly important that you take a back-up of these in your computer and also in a removable hard disk to make sure that the files are safe and will be available in case of a WordPress site crash.

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