Universal Print Driver Increases Efficiency In The Workplace

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In the fast-paced corporate world, anything that isn’t adding to productivity is taking away from it. Nowhere is this more noticed than when it comes to printing documents and presentations on a deadline. Installing and reinstalling printers on different computers and devices, sending a document to the printer, only to have it wait in the queue for other members of the office to print their documents – there are a myriad of problems encountered with the simple act of printing out a document. These headaches are often begrudgingly dealt with or ignored, while seemingly more pressing matters get much needed attention.

universal print driver

However, this need not be the case any longer. There are solutions to these daily printing frustrations. As technology becomes more sophisticated, problems like installing various printers on dozens of computers becomes a thing of the past, with something as simple as a universal print driver. Instead of juggling the different brands and models of printers, requiring constant attention and maintenance, the universal print driver allows the computer to bypass this arduous task instantly. Printer installation is streamlined, and the concerns of computer to printer incompatibility become a thing of the past. The solution is fast, easy, and extremely accessible.

Solutions to other typical printing problems abound. With shared network printers, the printing process can also stop being tied down to traditional computers and has become accessible to tablets and mobile devices. With a single virtual print queue, it no longer becomes necessary to guess which printer is best to send a document to. The queue determines which printers are busy and sorts the documents based on availability. What once was a virtual traffic jam becomes a streamlined open road.

Ease of access and reliability are important, but perhaps none are as potentially important as keeping sensitive documents secure. With new security software, documents can undergo PDF encryption and be transmitted over a secure channel. No more concerns about security breaches.In addition to the benefits offered by new advances such as the universal print driver and virtual queue, workplace efficiency naturally increases, as help calls are no longer needed and time is spent on more important tasks. With increased efficiency comes a lowered printing cost as workers no longer second-guess which printer they’ve sent a document to or whether it was sent at all, reducing paper and ink waste with the reduced duplicate print jobs.

Finally, with compression technology, the printing process itself becomes faster, as documents travel with greater speed and bandwidth volumes are reduced. Speed, reliability, efficiency, and security are all increased due to printer software solutions. To stay competitive, companies can no longer afford to avoid current printer solutions. The benefits are too great.

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Technology blogger Neil Lennection writes about universal print drivers and how they help increase efficiency within the workplace. If you are considering investing in a universal print driver, Neil encourages you to visit www.uniprint.net/eng/page/universal-printer-driver to learn more about what UniPrint can offer you.

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