Two Of The Most Overlooked Business Software Solutions

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In today’s modern age, the use of computers and software programs have permeated the business culture. You will be hard-pressed to find any business that doesn’t use a computer to execute its daily operations. With the proliferation of computers throughout the business world, there are understandably an enormous number of software solutions being introduced to the market each and every year. The multitude of software options makes choosing truly helpful applications all the more difficult. Two of the most overlooked business software solutions are Ecrion document converters and SAP vendor portals.
Business Software Solutions

Ecrion Document Converters

Document conversion is a necessary aspect of many businesses. Ecrion document conversion software allows businesses to convert their Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 documents, which are in a WordML and DocX format, into a myriad of document formats, such as PDF, XPS, Silverlight, AFP, TIFF, Postscript and many others. The beauty of Ecrion document converters is that they run entirely unattended without the use of any other third-party software applications. It is a final solution for businesses in need of server-based, high volume document processing.

The benefits of Ecrion document conversion software cannot be overlooked. Though there are a plethora of benefits, the most noticeable are:

  • Extremely high-speed WordML/DOCX to PDF document conversion.
  • From a single input source, it generates PDF, XPS, TIFF, AFP, Postscript and many more.
  • Multiple programming languages, such as JAVA, C++, PERL, and .NET, can trigger the document processing.
  • There are numerous command line tools and a hot folder monitor included in each software suite to make integration as easy as possible.
  • Support for PDF/A and PDF/X is also provided. Additionally, PDF outputs can be password protected, document rights can be applied, and users can sign using security certificates.

Most document conversion software solutions on the market merely print into a PDF driver. Unfortunately, due to the limitations that are inherent in Windows architecture, these software solutions are not capable of scaling to hundreds of documents per minute and not locking up. Thankfully, Ecrion document converters are a fully scalable option that can efficiently handle a large number of conversions without a hitch.


As is the case with many software solutions, SAP does not provide businesses with the best possible solutions in all instances, but some of the SAP enhancements can be extremely beneficial. Businesses can use a SAP vendor portal as a means of integrating accounting services and greatly reduce the amount of time that they spend each day on the tedious task of invoicing. This is only one of the many solutions that SAP can provide, but it demonstrates the power of SAP software.

Most businesses have come to understand that the ability of software solutions to integrate with other software programs is crucial for complete functionality and seamless business operations. Additionally, many companies periodically use a software solution that analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of their operations, and this can only be performed when all of the software applications are able to be fully integrated and compatible. This is an added benefit of SAP software. Unlike most software solutions that can perform similar functions, SAP can be fully integrated into a business’s operating system.

The key to selecting the best business software solutions is first understanding the needs of your business. After you have established what your needs are, then you can begin searching for software solutions that will fulfill those needs. This may seem easy, but it can actually be the most difficult part of the entire process. The vast array of software solutions on the market makes choosing the best ones for your business quite a chore. Ecrion document conversion software and SAP vendor portals are software solutions that are needed by thousands of businesses, and they can vastly improve your business operations.

About The Author: Alan Robinstein works for Ecrion and is always exploring new ways to make business more efficient for his clients. When not at work, Alan enjoys a good imported beer and reality television.

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