Twitter’s Fresh Launch – Baffling Heart Button

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Twitter is one of the famous social networking sites. And Twitter has more than 10 billion active users these days. Both, the reason why people would like to use Twitter and the reason behind the familiarity of the Twitter is same. That is, people use Twitter just to follow their beloved and favorite celebrities like cricket stars, actors and politicians. And they would also be very fond of knowing their day to day updates and their routines. Because of this sole reason Twitter has this much active users and still it is on the top of the ladder.


Even people know that, they will never get any replies from their celebrities rather they can just track their routines and dos that is it. But still they feel enough with that and would like to use the twitter and tweet to their celebrities on the occasions of festivals and birthdays. And now, you could not able to find anyone who does not have a twitter account in. Since 90% percent of the people use twitter today to be upgraded with the happenings of all over the world.

New-Fangled Heart Button

Very recently, Twitter has restored a baffling “heart button” in place of favorite “star button”. That is, ahead some days, we were using “star button” to favorite any tweet or any tweet personality. That is, the star button will turn yellow color once after you clicked it. By making the star to appear yellow in color, people would come to know that, we have made this tweet or tweet personality as our favorite. Once after you have favorite any personality, you will get the notifications from Twitter whenever that personality has been tweeted.

By that, you can able to check the tweets of your beloved personality without even checking the entire tweets. No one could check the entire tweets in the Twitter box since nearly millions of tweets have been received by the tweet box per day. So, it is not possible to check out all those tweets. But, now Twitter has made a small change that, there would be no star button anymore. Instead of that, you could find a heart button on Twitter. As like star button, the baffling heart will turn red in color whenever you clicked it. That is, the heart button will blink only once when people tend to click it. Once after you clicked it, it will be in red color always.

Final Words

The new heart button will work in the same way as like the star button. So, the users do not have to confuse about it. Apart from using star, I would say that, the heart button is far better. Since, we all know that, heart is a known symbol of love. In such cases, for showing our passion or love towards any tweet or tweet personality, the “heart button” would be the better option to go with. And this is why the heart button is getting fair enough responses from the users and they would like to use it too.


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