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The Shift To Marketplace Selling – With the influx of digital marketing and growing preference for the eCommerce stores instead of the physical shops it is important that the marketers today understand the gravity of the situation and formulate their strategy accordingly. Talking about the eCommerce industry one of the perfect ways of improving the sales is with the help of online market places. Amazon is one of the biggest online eCommerce stores providing you with the option of marketplaces. You can easily create your market place and start selling from today itself.

Human/Digital Convergence – Although it’s been in the market for quite some time but with the latest innovations in connectivity, cloud computing, access to the rich personnel data, user behavior and real time inventory it’s possible to deliver a super charged and extremely optimized service to the customers. However in order to realize this completely it is important that we do not limit ourselves to just the high end multimedia devices like iPads and try to synchronize our services with all the possible platforms available.

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Execution Is Everything – With the competition increasing each day it is important that you have something which differentiates you with the other competitors. One of the powerful ways of achieving this is by providing your customers with an exceptional service. The execution of your plans should be smooth, well planned and highly effective with minimum flaws and down time. One of the other major factors is using an omni-channel service with an enterprise grade software suite.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – The way use of multimedia sets have increased it is very important that we trap the potential of this channel as well. Today 70% of all the users coming online are doing so through their mobiles. Hence it is important that you make sure that eCommerce portal can be easily accessed via your mobile devices. UI plays a very important role in developing mobile centric websites. Therefore make sure that your website has a good UI and users can easily interact with the website on mobile. You can also launch your app for the mobile users. Apps can boost your business a lot.

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Go-It-Alone Fulfillment – One of the major challenges of eCommerce in emerging markets is the unreliable delivery and fulfillment services. Therefore it is better to build your delivery and fulfillment services. Delivery matters a lot and so does fulfillment services. Therefore make sure that you develop a strong delivery network. It is important that your customers receive the products on time and as expected.

Bringing Apple Pay Online – Apple Pay Online is a brick and mortar payment solution meant only for in store purchases within Apple store. Although it was meant to be for Apple products but now it has entered into collaboration with Lyft, Uber and Airbnb. There it might be speculated that in future Apple Pay might be used for the online transactions by different eCommerce stores. Therefore keep a close watch on the latest developments in the eCommerce industry.

Combining Content + Commerce – Content has always played a key role in leveraging the performance of your eCommerce portal and the products. It is very important that you have the right content in each section of the website. Make sure you have the proper content for your products clearly specifying the features. Reviews are always more productive in creating leads and increasing your sales. In case if you have not yet started blogging for your website it is time that you start with it.

Focusing On Video – Visual content marketing is going to be the next big thing. And when it comes to visual content marketing videos are one of the most powerful tools. According to a survey conducted by Cisco by 2017 videos will account 69% of the all consumer internet traffic. And if we tap the huge potential of videos our business can grow manifolds. Videos not only help in educating customers and are more interactive but they also help in increasing the ROI for the eCommerce stores. And with the growing influx of the mobiles in eCommerce world videos are playing even more important role in shaping the marketing industry. Videos if properly placed with the products on your website can increase the interaction of the customers in no time. Therefore it is very important that you make the proper use of the videos and other visual content channels.

Mastering Total Re-marketing – Re-marketing is a very effective tool when it comes to marketing. We are living in an era of being online. Add to this the fact a big percentage of users today spend most of their time on mobiles. This scenario gives the retailers a huge opportunity to siphon off the potential of online marketing and improving the performance of their eCommerce stores. With Facebook ruling the mobile devices it is very important that we are well aware of the proper channels before we set forth the re-marketing campaigns.

Consumers Hold The Reins – At the end of the day when it comes to winning the competition and stay ahead of your customers it is your consumer base that can help you ultimately. Therefore it is all the more important to take care of your customers after all they are always right.

Efforts To Stand Out In the age of big eCommerce platforms like Amazon and e Bay it is very important that your store has something unique which can distinguish it from other rivals and help you to identify your rivals. And it can be anything. One of the better options is to make your service to your customers unique. Make sure you provide service to your customers as expected. This will ensure that your service will go a long way.

Holiday Competition – Holiday seasons are one of the best times to balance your balance sheets and improve on your profit slabs. Make sure you are making maximum profit this festive season with proper strategy. Deals like free shipping, freebies, cash-back offers can go a long way in increasing your sales during the festive seasons. Make sure that you have a good support service and customers are well assisted in cases of any issues faced.

Omni-channel – Retailers with both the options of brick and mortar store and a decent online presence are now trying to merge the two channels in order to boost their foot traffic. In other words with the growing influence of digital marketing there is a growing need of omni-channel marketing. Therefore if you are concentrating on just one of the channels for marketing it is time that you combine them and try to attain your goals on the basis of all the channels.

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